✈️ HOW TO FLY, STEVE STYLE!! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

Hello, don’t want to be a bother, but there’s a funny-looking bird flying around and we don’t know what to do funny-looking? Whoosh! Wish! Ah, here it comes! Hi there. AH! The bird, It talks! So.. mind telling me what those are? Oh you mean the uh- El, el, el- El-y-t What? Elyt- Why did they have to pick a hard name for it. Okay, you know what, they’re wings. That’s what we’re going with, wings. Why do you have them? Excuse me? Did you see what I just did? I can fly anywhere I want. As far as the eye can see. Just talking about it makes me want to do it again. You’re going ALL the way to the top of that thing? Psh yeah, what’s the big deal– Oh, that’s right. You’re scared of heights, aren’t you? I wouldn’t say “scared”, heh. More like, um.. RATIONALLY TERRIFIED! What’s there to be worried about? How about the facts if it goes wrong you can be squished in an instant. – goes wrong? Okay, and what does that ever happen before? I’ll take your silence as ‘never’. Since I seem to be the only sensible one here, I’m going to build a little pool of water, so you can land safely. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yadda yadda yadda. You do you, Alex. Oh hey look, flies! Hello, Alex. Oh, hey! Would you like some cheese? I must warn you, it tastes pretty weird You.. you know that sponge, right? Okay. Wow. I need to really start working out more. Ow, got a stitch Okay, it’s gone. WOO! Alex! Alex, look at me go! ..and done! My perfect little pond. Complete with flowers! Would you stop that? YEEAAAH!! This is going really well so far. AH, NOW IT’S NOT!! I’m so full. Well I don’t need this anymore. Uh oh. Steve, pull up! Woah! That cheese is thirsty. Real great job on building that hole by the way. Maybe next time, filling it with water would have been the smart thing to do.


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