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Wooow! Your closet is gigantic! Oh, I really like this dress! *giggles* But wait! There’s more! Follow me please. You can pick any dress you like! Really?! I think I’ll try on this dress! Actually… I was going to wear it. Oh, sorry! You wear this dress; I’ll choose a different one. I’m kidding! Of course, you can wear it *giggles* *giggles* You look so pretty! Thank you! I love your dress too! What do you think Puppy? Can I try on another one? Yes, of course! Let’s have a look in my second closet. This way please! I think you would look fabulous in this dress. Awesome! Let me find one for you. What do you think of this dress? Do you like this dress Bunny? Fantastic! Now let me show you my shoe closet! Wooow! You have so many pairs of shoes! Would you like to see my jewelry collection? You have a jewelry collection?! Wooow! Let’s see… I think you should wear these shoes. And this bag! And I think you should wear these shoes! With this bag! Sooo… Do you have makeup we can play with? Yes, I dooo! Come with me. Wooow you have so much makeup! It looks like a store! *giggles* Yeah, I like makeup a lot. I really like your nail polish shelf! Are these lip balms? Yes, they are! You should try this one. It smells like fruit! And this is my favorite eyeshadow palette. It’s such a pretty color! Here you go! What do you think? Oh, I really like it! This eyeshadow looks really good on you! Today was so much fun! Thank you for inviting me over. *giggles* My pleasure! I had a great time too. Next time we should have a sleepover at my place! Right Bunny? Bloopers! Wooooow! Your closet is uhhh… Wait what’s my line again? Gigantic! Oh, right! Can we try that line one more time? Ooooh I really like this dress! *giggles* …And I don’t remember my line at all! Cut! I think you should wear… OUCH! Are you okay? Yeah… I’m fine… And I think you should wear these shoes! Really? These ones? That’s not in the script! Oh, sorry… But really? These shoes?? *sigh* Fine I’ll get you another pair. OUCH! Careful! Oops… Sorry! Oh no! Puppy stop! Don’t chew on my shoes! Sooo… quick question. Do you know where Bunny is? Huh! Good question! Bunny? Buuunnyyyy? Oh, here she is! *giggles* I think Bunny wants to dress up too! I’m so excited to post our first video on YouTube! Do you think anyone is going to be watching? I don’t know!… We’ll have to wait and see! That would be awesome! I can’t wait to make more! Movie cast Princess Anna Princess Rapunzel Princess bunny Prince little puppy Created by Lüvi Thanks for watching this video ❤

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