03 1 Detailed guide on modeling 3D clothes

I will show you how to create details for clothes such as making elastic band. Load your own avatar First draw internal lines in the pattern to make elastic band Select all internal lines change value of elastic in the physical property editor window. Click ‘Simulation’ Set particle distance under 5mm to increase the clothes’ quality I will also add ruffles Set particle distance to default value for stable simulation To make ruffles, draw rectangles and sew them to front and back side of the skirt For stable simulation, it’d be better to freeze the skirt patterns and simulate If you want more ruffles, you may select the ruffles pattern and press ctrl + v to copy or click ‘layer clone’ You may change the value of shrinkage for thicker ruffles Unfreeze patterns and set lower value for particle distance I will explain how to use Tack tool Visualize the change in fit by temporarily clipping two points of the garment using Tack tool Then click ‘Simulation’ button Change physical property of this pattern to Jersey and set value of particle distance lower for detailed wrinkles If you wish to make Padding, i will give you a tip Draw internal lines on the patterns Select all patterns and right click layer clone Click ‘Simulation’ button Chnage thickness simulation for padding If you set lower value of particle distance, you’d be able to see the padding with more wrikles I hope these tips would help you use Marvelous Designer well


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