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10 Quick Habits To Improve Your Style
[0:00:00] So, I’m reading this book, Atomic Habits
and it makes an interesting analogy between our habits and the atom. The atom, incredibly small, but within it
huge potential energy. You split an atom, you have a nuclear explosion. Now, when you think about your habits, these
are things we don’t even notice, but if you adjust your habits, you can transform
your life. In today’s video, gents, we’re talking
about ten habits you can adjust in the next ten minutes to become a better dressed you. [Music]
Habit number one. Give compliments and give them generously. And I’m not saying to lie or to make things
up, but look for the good in people. When you look at someone, you could always
find something amazing. Maybe it’s the way that they talk, maybe
the way they present themselves, maybe it’s something that they’re wearing, maybe it’s
just the way that they behave and action that they took. Be someone that gives compliments. In fact, to give compliments it feels almost
as good as actually receiving them. And, the person receiving them feels great
and anyone that witnesses the compliment being given also feels great. So, you’re putting all these positive energy
out there, guys, and it’s going to come right back to you. Habit number two. Schedule specific preparation time in your
calendar to get done what needs to get done, so you can be that well-dressed guy. So, if you’re going to polish your shoes
for thirty minutes, specifically schedule that at the time maybe on Sunday mornings,
Sunday afternoons. Whenever you’re going to go in and you’re
going to do your grooming routine you’re going to take care of your nails and you schedule
this time you’re very specific. Again, if you’re general, then you’re
not going to – you’re less likely to actually do it and if you don’t schedule it, you
may not even accomplish it. I know if things are not in my calendar and
I don’t get the notifications on my phone, I’m just not going to do it, I’m not going
to remember or I’m much less likely. So, when you systematize it when you schedule
it and you’re specific, you’re more likely to get it done. Have boxes, have kits, have places where everything
goes. In here, I’ve got my shaving kit, really
nice shaving kit. And because everything is here, my razor,
the blade, everything is put together. It’s easy to find and I’m more likely
to use it. When it comes to my grooming kit, you know
be able to cut my nails. Everything has its place. When it comes to shining my shoes, everything
is in the shoeshine box that I need to be able to get the job done. If you want to get something done, but you
don’t have the tools, you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’re going to be
less likely to actually do it. Next up, leverage technology wisely. If you’re going to be receiving notifications,
make sure it’s from sites that are helping you improve yourself such as us here at Real
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Saturdays, Sunday, and now, Monday, so that you can become the best-dressed man in the
room, so you can have the courage to become the man you know yourself to be. That’s my mission, that’s what I stand
for. You don’t want YouTube? Well, guys, I’ve got a podcast if you want
to get really deep. I’ll link to it down in the description. I’ve got a free app, so that you can go
over and let’s say you don’t want to watch a ten-minute video, you want to get a quick
infographic I’ve got you covered here at Real Men Real Style. Maybe you don’t like my style anymore, I’m
going to link to other resources other channels such as Alpha M. He’s got an awesome app. Go over and check out other YouTube channels
such as Jose over at Teaching Men’s Fashion. I want you to leverage technology, so that
you’re getting these helpful useful reminders so that inch by inch day by day you start
to become that man you know yourself to be. Next up, upgrade the weakest link in your
daily uniform and for a lot of guys it’s going to be their footwear, it’s going to
be their shoes because they wear shoes they wear a footwear that they don’t really love. The footwear that gets the job done, but isn’t
that comfortable it doesn’t make them look great. Guys, think about you want a pair of boots
like these, all of a sudden you’re going to elevate your daily uniform. I know for me, I absolutely love these boots
made by Thursday Boots. And if I’m going to be wearing a sports
jacket, I can wear this pair right here, again, by Thursday Boots. This is going to be a bit dressier. Again, I just simply upgraded my footwear,
I upgraded the weakest link in my uniform and all of a sudden I’m able to put together
more outfits. I’ve elevated my entire style, I feel better
about myself, and I walk through the day with more confidence. The next habit, don’t be afraid to buy multiples. So, when you buy a particular brand when you
find a particular color, a particular style that you like you wear a lot, go ahead and
buy two, maybe even buy three. Why? Because it’s going to rotate through your
wardrobe and if one of them gets stained, one of them gets torn or dirty, it’s not
the end of the world, you’ve got another one or two that you can default to. But, when you have something that you love
there is no problem with owning multiples. Buy variations of things that you already
absolutely love. Now, I absolutely love a great fitted great-looking
leather jacket, but in particular what I love is when the material when the color is just
different enough that it stands out that it gets compliments. This jacket right here, the texture the color
makes it really stand out the same with the other one just the color stands out. Those jackets get me compliments and that’s
what I gravitate towards and I try to make a habit of buying. Next up, make a habit out of exploring fragrances. So, fragrances are very interesting especially
when you could latch onto a fragrance that basically describes and reminds you of a particular
feeling or a mood. [0:05:05]
Maybe you’ve got a fragrance that you wear when you want to feel confident. You’ve got another fragrance that you wear
when you want to go to work and you want to be focused. And you’ve got another fragrance that you
wear when you’re going out on a date or just going out to the club and you want to
feel attractive. Guys, this is an interesting way to basically
stimulate parts of the brain and basically it’s almost liquid courage if you think
about it. Next up, make it a habit at looking at yourself
in the mirror before you leave each day and say, “You know what? I look pretty darn good.” Now, I know that sounds corny, but here’s
the thing is that you’ve got to love yourself. I’m not talking about being a narcissist
spending an hour looking at yourself in the mirror. I’m talking about, you know, this is the
body I have, this is who I am, but look at yourself and you know what? I work hard I put myself together, I am ready
to meet day because when you walk out like that, you’re just going to feel and look
better. Next up, make it a habit to seek out information. Every week, I’m probably buying one or two
new books and I have to admit, I don’t read them all, but oftentimes just having these
books around just looking at the pictures inspires me. And books are so cheap. This one you can get used on Amazon for like
$3 and has tons of great information. Never pass on a good book. Guys, the investment that you make in your
education and opening up your mind once you expand your mind, it never goes back to its
original shape. Now, this book right here, I started off the
video talking about Atomic Habits. This is from my friend, James Clear. I absolutely love what he’s talking about
when it comes to habits. It is actually going up on sale, guys. I’m linking to it down in the description,
but let me go ahead and read you a couple of parts I really like. One, the whole one percent improvement per
day idea. So this is every single day you wake up and
you just try to become one percent better. I mean it sounds pretty easy, right? And, he talked about how if you do that over
the period of a year, it’s like compound interest. A thirty – you’ll become thirty seven
times better. So, let’s say you wanted to get into martial
arts and you want to start going to the gym, imagine if you could become thirty seven times
that’s quite a bit, you know, a lot in the gym, but I think you guys get the point. He also talked about, okay, so if you want
to become a better dressed man, decide that you’re going to become a better dressed
man and then go for a small win. Maybe you’re not even going to leave your
house, but wear something nice because you don’t – okay, you don’t want to shock
your friends, you don’t want to be embarrassed, you’re not used to dressing up. Well, dress in your house and all of a sudden
for today for an hour, you became a better dressed man. And he talks about these small wins how you
can build upon that. All of a sudden, you’re wearing this around
your house, you have the confidence to wear it to the store, to wear it outside. You forget that you’re actually wearing
this clothing and you start to become that sharp dressed man because you’re taking
and you’re reinforcing with small decisions. He talks about how you can build these habits. Again, guys, I’m linking to his book down
in the description. He’s actually got some pretty good little
packets and stuff he’s put together. I’m not getting paid by him. I just simply like this book. And, again, I want you guys to start taking
action to become the man you know yourself to be. It’s what I stand for here at Real Men Real
Style. And that’s it, guys. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [0:08:08] End of Audio


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