10 STYLING TIPS for Working / Studying From Home!

I’m going to be honest with you as
youtuber I am the CEO of comfortable. hey guys it’s Ally welcome back to my channel
today I’ll be sharing them with you my best styling tips on how to look chic
and comfortable while working from home or maybe you’re taking online classes
now so all these looks are pretty affordable I’ll have all of the items
linked down below so be sure to go to your closet now and grab out your
favorite stable pieces that way you can style your outfits along with me and we
can make this process more interactive and be sure to click on the bow and turn
on all notifications and let’s get started my very first tip is to find a
cardigan that kind of looks like a long trench coat so I really like this one
because it fits about me length and it covers the B area and you can wear your
black leggings and a little knit crop top and you’re good to go
super comfortable but still stylish at the same time get yourself a sweater lounge set this
is the most sophisticated item I own in my closet I’ve no idea wife and sleeping
in the exact same pajamas for the last 10 years it’s all like torn up super old
t-shirts I can’t wear outside so I’ve decided to convert them into pajama
pants and this was super affordable OHS $35 for these two pieces and it’s such a
beautiful blush color I’m going to be honest with you as a youtuber I am the
CEO of comfortable doesn’t matter the only thing that you see is on the top
unless I’m doing a fashion video of course all I do is just throw in my
favorite sweater or my favorite blazer when it comes to a video conference or
presentation and other than that doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on the bottom
we all wear super comfortable bottoms like jogger pants but there is something
to be said about wearing tight-fitting clothes because it makes you a little
bit more productive take this from a school to more of a presentation
appropriate look put on these high-waisted pants I love these ones
because it has the pockets you could put in some of your note cards a pen or your
phone I really like the length of these pants as a petite girl it’s such a
challenge to find a great pair of pants at an affordable price and these ones
definitely checked all the boxes option number two is to throw on a
color-block cardigan I love layering pieces especially when it’s chilly
outside I just want to like walk around the block while drinking my beverage I
just love this one it has dry pockets on both sides so I could just tuck in my
keys or my phone this look and super slimming and elongates your body because
it’s just one monochromatic color and then you break it up with the color
blocking my go to work from home uniform is usually a white top with a pair of
vintage jeans I’m obsessed with these perfect vintage
denim jeans from Eightball I wear them practically every single week and I pack
them for maybe like two or three years now and I would highly recommend them to
you they’re definitely worth the investment
these have held up so well and they’re so cute and just my favorite I have no
stranger to a zip up fleece hoodie this one is for my favorite sustainable brand
ever Lane and this one is actually made of a hundred percent recycled material
though cozy and it has this zipper in the front I always get my hair caught in
there I cannot live without a pair of jogger pants I was never a huge fan of
sweatpants because I always thought they made my outfit look really sloppy but
I’ve definitely found a happy medium that feels super comfortable but still
looks pretty chic here’s a great example of the top that’s
business in the front but party in the back you could probably wear what a
police are over it when you’re at work and they take it off for a girls night
out or a cute date night look sometimes we like to save our best outfits for a
special occasion or for date night and I think why not just wear it when you’re
working from home why not look your best so I put on my favorite Reformation
floral dress it’s so pretty if you feel very womanly and I love the cutout in
the back whenever we’re talking about denim we often forget about the pinafore
which is a denim dress I have a huge fan of fun because I think it’s super
comfortable really easy to just like sit in I honestly prefer these over overalls
because they’re really easy to use the bathroom in and it’s not like this whole
getting naked situation may give you a small part of your day and just bring
some light to it I wanted to quickly say thank you to all of the healthcare
workers who are working super hard let’s see doctors and nurses people
working at the grocery stores stocking up on food for all the crazy panic
buying that we’ve been doing and I’m super appreciative of everyone support
by self isolating and staying at home I know we’re all in this together and I
feel very hopeful that we can get through this thank you so much for just
letting me be a part of your day I know our time is very precious here and I’m
just so lucky to have you to say thanks again


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