12 Meghan Markle Style Tips That Will Work for Anyone

Meghan Markle just became Duchess of Sussex
in 2018, but she already won the hearts of millions and made girls across the world Google
“Meghan Markle style” like crazy. Even when she breaks the royal rules, it doesn’t
make her look any less elegant. Let’s see how she does it and how you can follow her
lead! 12. Highlight your skin tone Meghan often wears beige or powdery dresses
for a reason. That reason is simple: these colors highlight her darker skin tone perfectly.
To make your skin tone look its best, you have to start with finding out your color
type. Girls with dark skin should wear hues of nude, khaki, and bright yellow colors.
If your skin tone is lighter, you’d be better off with emerald and dark blue colors, or
cool pastel tones. And, there are more nuances to it: your surface
skin color is one thing, but you also have to pay attention to its undertones. If you
see warm tones, go with rich natural shades such as peach, coral, amber, and gold. You
can also try the cappuccino or cream neutrals. If you’re more on the cool side, go for
ocean deep and winter frosty shades. Bright blues and emeralds, bright white, frosty lavender,
ice blue and pink will highlight your natural beauty. If you’d say your undertones are
more neutral, any color will look good on you, but it’s best if you opt for their
muted versions. 11. Emphasize your collarbone Out in public, Meghan draws the attention
of millions of eyes. Obviously, she can’t achieve that effect by showing too much skin
with a plunging neckline, but she does show her collarbone with a feminine subtleness.
If you want to follow her lead, get yourself a dress or a shirt that emphasizes your collarbone.
By the way, these types of tops are comfortable, so you’ll be able to lift your arms and
so on. A halter top or dress like Meghan’s second wedding dress will make your upper
body look slimmer. And, a sweetheart neckline dress or top will look great on anyone and
add some royal-like grace to your style. 10. Hide the imperfections You might say Meghan is flawless and this
tip is here by mistake. But in fact, everyone has that “something” they’d rather hide.
The Duchess, for instance, has narrow hips and small breasts, but she knows how to work
them to her advantage. For example, a dress with a side trim makes her hips look wider
and a double-breasted dress makes her chest look a bit larger.
Multiple layers of fabric, an emphasis in color, horizontal stripes, large details,
and breast pockets can all visually increase your breast size too. If you have the opposite
problem, wear blouses and tops without buttons, long blazers, high-wasted skirts and shorts,
and rounder necklines. 9. Choose the right tights Tights are perfectly capable of either ruining
your look or making it more exquisite. Meghan usually wears tights of the same color as
her dress. Of course, this trick won’t work with a
red or pink dress. But if you like nude colors, tights of the same tone will make you look
more elegant. Even though the Duchess has a darker skin
tone, this method works really well for her. 8. Make oversized clothes your best friends Meghan is perhaps the first member of the
Royal family to let herself wear super trendy oversized clothing. It was definitely the
right choice when she attended Wimbledon, and, once again, became the center of everyone’s
attention. Of course, when she puts on oversized stuff, she combines it with classic pants
and a hat. If you’re also ready to let bulky clothing
into your life, remember to stay near your size, pick stuff that has some shape and structure,
such as a tight neckline or a wide collar. Balance an oversized top with a short skirt
and chunky sneakers. This way, you won’t look like an endless cloud of fabric. 7. Find the perfect pants Meghan looks gorgeous in dresses, but she’s
also great friends with trouser pants. She knows that a classic trouser suit works in
any situation: even a business meeting or a celebration. Whether it’s high-waisted
cigarette trousers, cuffed jogger pants, or classic straight-fitted trousers – don’t
forget to add accessories and avoid wearing a jacket for the most elegant look.
6. Invest in a solid cardigan If you look into Meghan’s wardrobe for inspiration,
you’ll find quite a few long cardigans that go well with or over just about anything:
from dresses to jeans. A cardigan made of luxurious cashmere might cost you quite a
bit, but it’s an investment that’s totally worth it. A longer classic tan or navy cardigan
will go well with almost anything in your closet, and when combined with the right shoes
and a statement necklace, for instance, it will give you the effect of effortless chic. 5. Two words: white shirt Simple, elegant, classic – seems like enough
reasoning for Her Royal Highness to wear white shirts on various occasions: from informal
walks when she pairs them with jeans to fancy evenings when they look so cute with classic
black skirts. If you still don’t have a white basic button down shirt in your closet,
get yourself one – or even a couple. They aren’t nearly as boring as they might seem
and go well with just about anything. You can also experiment with long and short sleeve
options. 4. Don’t be afraid to play with accessories Even when Meghan is wearing a gorgeous dress
that looks like a masterpiece by itself, she doesn’t avoid spicing it up with some accessories.
Clutches, necklaces, colorful jewelry – they make the whole look more complete and add
a few bright accents. Her Royal Highness is also often seen wearing glasses. This accessory
isn’t exactly popular with the Royal family, especially in formal events, but she adds
an elegant hat or wears them with a beautiful dress and the total look is still flawless.
If you want to befriend accessories too, remember these two basic rules: There’s a limit when
it comes to large accessories, and it’s 3 to 4 items max. And, if you put on an evening
dress, never ever wear a watch with it. 3. Get yourself some good-quality flats It’s easy to look elegant in heels, and
that’s what everyone expects the royal ladies to wear. Yet another style surprise from Meghan
is that flats can look perfectly royal and even go with an evening gown! She rocks them
with classic trench coats, jeans, and ankle-length skirts and gowns. If you buy some good-quality
flats, they’ll make your entire look more expensive and you’ll get the added bonus
of comfort with no blisters. One idea for an office look with flats is to combine them
with long shorts and a T-shirt, or throw on a tweed coat or blazer. The latest fashion
craze in the world of flats is mules that have a pointy-toe. 2. Learn to match the accessories and clothes
properly The Duchess of Sussex loves to sport big bags
and she always chooses colors that will look good with her dress or suit. A dark green
dress and a brown bag are the perfect example of this.
To choose the colors of your accessories, you have to learn what colors can be combined.
Sir Isaac Newton himself made this task easier for you back in 1666 when he developed the
Color Wheel. Colors on the opposite sides of the wheel are called complementary colors,
and their contrast gives you some vibrant combinations. Some examples are: green and
yellow, red and blue, cobalt blue and turquoise, orange and blue, pink and grey and tan and
maroon. 1. Highlight the waist Even if you don’t have an hourglass figure,
you can still highlight your waist. Meghan usually turns to belts and wide skirts for
help. Such accents, together with a visible collarbone, make her look more feminine and
tender even if she’s wearing a denim dress. If you want to try the belt trick to create
some curves on a straight figure, opt for a skinnier belt. If you’re trying to tuck
in some tummy, high-rise jeans and skirts will help you get there. A pencil skirt draws
attention to your hips and so it also visually slims your waist in contrast. And, a colorblock
dress with side panels in dark colors also looks really flattering. Do you like Meghan’s style and would you
like to recreate some of her looks? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned
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