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Good afternoon. Welcome to Guaranty RV Center.
Today I’m going to show you the 2016 Evergreen Lifestyle. This is the 38RS floorplan. Come
on inside and let me show it to you. We’ve got the kitchen in the center.
You get the dinette over here. Nice big dinette window. This is going to have an extension
leaf for a third leaf in the table. There are two more folding chairs up in the bedroom
that will go with the dinette, so we’ve got a total of four.
This has insulated, dual pane windows. It’s got the dual MCD shades, so we’ve got a night
shade and a day shade. Reclining swivel rockers here. That’s a nice
touch, very comfortable chairs. Overhead cabinetry. Notice this cabinetry
is very, very nice cabinets. All solid wood, the styles are solid wood. Nice adjustable
hinges. Nice solid catches, so they don’t open up while you’re travelling.
Everything is LED lights throughout the whole coach.
The window treatments … they do a really nice job with the real wood window treatments.
You’ve got your valances here. Pan around to the rear of the fifth wheel,
we’ve got a nice panoramic view of the back side and side there.
Entertainment over to the driver’s side of the fifth wheel.
This is a hide-a-bed couch. It makes out into a bed. We’ve got our overhead cabinetry at
the top. Lots of storage up there. Big 50″ Jensen flatscreen TV. Then we have
the Panasonic FM/CD and DVD player above here. Storage on the sides. This is going to have
the pull out desk area here. Notice the soft touch close on all of the drawers. The fireplace
and storage down below, and the subwoofer for the surround sound. You’ve got three forward
facing speakers here, and two speakers in the rear so it’s a 5.0 surround sound system.
The TV unhooks, so it can swivel for the kitchen area or the dinette area, as well as facing
toward the rear of the coach as well, with a little bit of storage for you CDs and DVDs
behind. Then it just locks into place for travel.
Nice big countertop area. This is all real Corian. Corian backsplash around. It’s got
the cooktop cover here that removes. There is a slot up underneath the drawer here to
tuck that away if we’re using that area. Convection oven.
Again tons of storage. I’m going to back up here. I don’t like to forget the appliance
garage in the kitchen here, too. Notice it has the plug in inside. so we can put out
toaster or coffee maker or whatnot and leave it plugged in. Just pull it out to use it.
Nice feature. This one has the dish washer in the island.
Big drawer there. Stove. 3-burner cooktop. 3 option shelf position,
so it’s the bigger oven. Storage underneath. Nice big bank of drawers here. You’ve got
four drawers there and another large drawer below the oven.
Notice the free standing island here. You can walk all the way around it. There’s plug
ins underneath the island as well, so if we’re plugging something in here, an appliance on
the center island, we don’t have to strew the cord across the kitchen walk through and
get in the way. This one has the residential refrigerator
package. It will keep all your boxes cold. Just kidding. The freezer… Nice big freezer.
This is a bigger refrigerator than a lot of folks have at their home. It’s got a nice
positive lock on there, too, so when we’re in travel mode, it won’t come open.
Lots of pantry. And then this is a hang up for your coats right inside the doorway.
As we walk up into the bedroom, it’s got a nice wide hallway into the bathroom and/or
bedroom. We walk into the bathroom, we notice there’s a porcelain toilet, cabinets above
for your linens, and then we have what I call the residential and/or the resort shower with
the seating area in the shower area, with a skylight. Nice vanity and sink area.
Then we come on through into the bedroom. We’ve got our big dresser drawers here. All
nice deep drawers. This one’s got the optional TV in the bedroom
with the overhead entertainment area. A little seating area in the bedroom here,
so if we want to put on our shoes and socks, we have a place to sit in the bedroom.
This is going to be prepped for a washer and dryer. And this one will accept the stacked
model as well as the combo model. We just take the shelves out to make that fit for
the stacked model. We’ve got a nice walk in closet. Racks for
the shoes or what have you there. Hang up post on top. Double door so we have access
in as well. Really nice quality doors on the wardrobe. You don’t have to worry about them
coming apart while you’re travelling, because they’re very, very solid.
Little nook areas here along next to the bed. Independent, individual lighting switches.
Cabinets on each side. Independent windows on both sides.
This particular model has the king bed, so you’ll notice the room that I have here between
the bed and the wardrobe, and then when I walk over here on the other side, it is a
king bed and I have plenty of room when I get in and out of bed, just being able to
access. Then over here we have another place for linens
or clothes. Top and bottom. Very, very spacious bedroom. They did a really nice job of designing
this for the king bed and having plenty of storage space.
That’s kind of a quick overview of the inside of the Lifestyle here, the 38RS. Lets go outside
and I’d be happy to show you around the outside. It’s got the large assist grab handle, which
is very nice. It has the keyless entry.
This one has the dual power awnings, one on the main frame of the coach, and the second
one off the slide out, so we have a lot of coverage with the power awnings.
The 38RS offers probably the largest per square foot basement area of any of the Lifestyle
models. So if you’re looking for lots of storage and lots of room, this is a really, really
nice floorplan. This one has the full body paint. They did
a very nice job with the paint scheme. Clear coat over.
Frameless windows. You’ve got the LED light strip underneath
the awning. At nighttime, it does a real nice job there.
This one has the 40 lb. or I call them the 10-gallon propane tanks.
Outside plug in outlet for 110. MoreRide pin box.
They split up their basement doors up underneath here, so it’s a split door, so while we’re
hooked up to the truck, we have easy access into what I call the cold storage. We can
get into it without having to unhook the truck. So we have a great big doorway entry into
here, where most of your others … brand X or Y… would be a one piece door. To get
this size, you’d have to unhook the truck in order to get to there.
You’ll notice that this has the Bigfoot landing gear, so it’s the auto leveling system by
Bigfoot. Four corners instead of six, because of the 2 X 6 boxtube frame rails that the
Lifestyle uses, we don’t need six points that touch the ground. Four will do it. Very nice
setup. Control system is right here. Battery disconnect
switch right there. Batteries go inside. This is the other side of the basement. Plenty
of access underneath there. This one has the water filtration system. Pull the four screws,
get behind here and that’s where we place our filters for the full house filtration.
We have our outside docking station area where we can turn on our water pump here, we’ve
got an outside light there. We can winterize, we can plug in our portable cable system and/or
satellite system there. Notice that the water connectors are at an angle, so when we bring
our hose up, they fit right in without having to put the big kink in it. You’ll look at
a lot of other competitors, they come up, you put a 90 degree in your hose. So you’ve
got a kink and poor water flow. This one’s got the gas and electric hot water
heater. Notice the big slides here.
The alloy wheels. This is going to have the Goodyear G-rated tires.
And then on the Lifestyle has the optional power cord reel inside here, that’s a 110
or a 12-volt power cord reel, and then the Lifestyle has the pass through storage on
the outside as well as rear storage. This one has the backup camera. It comes with
a monitor to go inside your pickup. It has the 2 x 2 receiver hitch.
Everything is LED lighting. And then the other side of our pass-through
storage too. So very easy accessible, tons of storage.
This one has the outside entertainment area here. You can opt to put a TV in here. It’s
got the plug ins and cable outlets, along with speakers if we wanted to turn this into
an outside entertainment area. It does give you the space for it.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My name is Clay Thompson with Guaranty
RV Center. You can reach me direct at (541) 979-1770. I appreciate it. Thank you for taking
the time to look at our videos today.


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