4 Amazing NAVRATRI DIYs for Teenagers | #Dandiya #Decoration #Garba #Fashion #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Leave this chasmish… Hi Hi Hi Pooja Hi! he is my boyfriend How much she is thinking of her-self carrying this party ki jaan, bag and dandiya sticks Omg! having slippers too That’s why showing such attiyude Now for making all these things…leave everything up to me You just hit 1,00,000 likes and subscribe Diy queen Then will show her You thinks it took lot of effort to make this beautiful sandals tell you now how to make these take any of your old sandal and two different coloured velvet cloth now to make a Bow cut fabric like this now fold both and then stitch now turn inside facing outward and then stitch the open side now make small pleats from this large fabric keeping in the mid wrap this small fabric over it and stitch likewise make some more bow now stitch these with your Sandals and we got our brand new sandals carry it to either to dance on this Navratri or match it with any other outfit Now lets decorate our Dandiya to make it look different and unique from others so you need cover this dandiya with this tape as per your choice to decorate it more we need and paste the lace using glue tie a thread on one end and then put beads one by one in it and at last decorate it with bells likewise decorate some more dandiya sticks you’ve seen latkans a lot in suit n salwaar and you can’t find these latkans anywhere now let’s learn how to make these to make it you need cover Bakram all around the cloth and then stitch now write the word PARTY and to decorate it we need beads I’ve selected the quote ” Party ki Jaan” for me you can decorate any of your favourite quote now we need some more stuff to make it hanging now fix them in this manner here our unique Latkan is ready you can fix either in your suit or Lehnga you need to keep a bag like this to keep your stuff at the same time it looks unique too now will gonna to make this beads lace which is too costly in market so thought to make it at home if you want you can buy it from market put beads like this with the help of needle likewise stitch more beads on the lace now will make the bag cut all these three in rectangular pieces like this now inside out the cloth stitch the foam sheet and lining in U Shape likewise make its second side now stitch that prepared lace to the lower side of the bag now inside out the bag and stitch them together now will make the string for which we need a lace and lining do stitching on either side of the bag leaving some space for the dori now insert the dori in the bag insert another dori in opposite direction now stitch its one end and put pearls in it and stitch it to the bag’s centre to make it more beautiful add some more pearl layers like this likewise make on other side as well and your beautiful bag is ready here look I’ve same stuff like you…


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