4 Lifestyle Changes That Can Reverse Chronic Disease | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

The very idea
that you can change and reverse chronic diseases
is what you’re saying, and undo it? Yes. By changing your habits,
changing the way you love, and changing the way you eat. Eat well, move more,
stress less, love more. Boom, that’s it. And the more diseases
we study and the more underlying mechanisms
we look at, the more evidence we have that
these simple changes can make such a powerful difference
in people’s lives in ways we can actually measure. How did you know
this to be true? Oh, well, I think our unique
contribution has been to use these very high tech expensive
state-of-the-art scientific measures to prove how
powerful these very simple lifestyle changes can be. And the lifestyle
medicine, as you mentioned, is this field of using lifestyle
changes not only to help prevent disease,
which we all know, but actually to reverse it.
– Mm-hm. Sometimes in combination
with drugs and surgery, and sometimes
different than that.


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