5 Morning Routine Steps You Can’t SKIP (Don’t RUIN Your Day – Details Matter!)

NEVER Skip THESE! 5 Morning Routine Steps You Often Forget That
Can RUIN Your Day [0:00:00]
[Music] Now, we’ve all heard it a million times,
exercise is important. But, this research I just read coming out
of Penn State University blew me away with just how important daily exercise is. The research here was really clear to get
the benefits higher productivity higher level of happiness, you needed to exercise that
day preferably that morning. When they compared someone that exercise let’s
say four times a year with someone that exercise four times week, you would think the guy that
exercise four times a week, he’s always going to be more productive more happy. That’s not the case. It was all about who exercise that morning. So, with twenty minutes of exercise, you’re
going to reset your brain, you’re going to be happier, you’re going to be more productive
for the next eight to twelve hours. And, think about it, gents, who doesn’t
want to start the day with more energy feeling great, feeling like they can take on the world? And this exercise doesn’t need to be complicated;
take your dog for a walk, do air squats, do pushups, hit the pool, go for a run, hit the
gym. Find out what works for you, but get moving
first thing in the morning. In today’s video, gents, we’re talking
about key areas in your morning routine you never want to skip. If you do, it could ruin your day. Next up, give yourself time to enjoy your
shave. If you’ve got a beard, give yourself time
to enjoy the grooming. Now, a lot of guys are proud of the fact it
only takes them a minute to shave, and I get it I’m a busy dad, I know that you can be
in a hurry. Electric razors are great when you’re traveling
you need something quick and fast. But, if you think about it, men have been
shaving for thousands of years. This is an experience that your father had,
your grandfather had, your great grandfather had. We go back to the ancient Egyptians or the
Greeks, they were shaving. Think about, well, shouldn’t you actually
enjoy this? It’s a rite of passage. Do you have a shaving routine? Yes? No? Have you ever seen a shaving map? Let me pull one up. Did you know on your face your hair grows
in different directions? When you shave are you using a cheap cream
that has stuff in it you probably don’t want on your face to include butane? Are you using a razor that’s leaving cuts
and nicks all over your face? So, how to take your shaving to the next level? How do you take a mundane experience and make
it magnificent? The first thing I would recommend is give
yourself time. Go from giving yourself one to two minutes
to ten to twenty minutes. Think about that, fifteen minutes of uninterrupted
time just for you to think, think about how you’re going to go have an amazing day,
you and razor sharing an experience that every man thousands of generations back has experienced. And, the razor I recommend for this experience,
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risk trial. If you don’t like this, simply return it
and get your money back. So, now, let’s talk about breakfast. Break the fast, you’ve gone eight to ten
hours without eating, you need to eat something in the morning. Now, I know many of you guys are going to
argue, oh, I actually fast at that time period, I don’t need to later in the day, I’m
on a special diet. And if that’s the case, I get. Well, how about you make breakfast for other
people. If you’re in a relationship, if you’re
married, if you’ve got kids. For me, this is the real benefit of breakfast
is we sit down as a family and we make time to just talk and see each other before we
go into our busy hectic day. You’re single, you don’t have anyone around
you, how about you have breakfast with someone that’s important someone that you want to
get to know. I know so many entrepreneurs that have made
time for people that are up and coming because they actually said let’s have a breakfast
meet up. So, now, let’s talk about dressing sharp. And you knew this was coming, I got a style
channel here. Now, there are two parts to this; how what
you wear affects other and how what you wear affects yourself. Well, how it affects you, this is called the
science of enclothed cognition. And they clearly showed in research that if
you wore the right uniform, you felt better you performed better and that’s what’s
key. For me, a jacket is like a suit of armor. I like something that makes me just feel stronger,
look better, and when I wear this I just feel more confident. If you can dress for that body you’ve got,
you’re going to feel better, stronger, and you’re going to be able to go in there and
kill it with that presentation. [0:05:04]
And let’s talk about how it affects others. People in their minds we have an idea of what
success looks like of what that great amazing lawyer that consultant is going to come in
and transform my business, that person who I want to loan money to for to start that
nonprofit, I’ve got an idea of what a trustworthy person looks like. You want to meet that expectation. Now, time, I get it, people are in a hurry. Lay out your clothes the night before. What you’re going to find is when you have
that clothing laid out, it’s going to be easier to dress sharp than it is going to
be able to dress down. Maybe use a clothing valet. I really advocate this. It’s very easy way to put out what you’re
going to wear the next day. Build out that interchangeable wardrobe. I’ve talked about this many times, but simply
having clothing families with your jackets, with your trousers, with your shirts that
they all work together. And that’s what you want, so that you’ve
got a uniform you’ve got a set representation that you want to give to the world of who
you are, what you stand for, that image you can dress as the man you know yourself to
be. So, now, let’s talk about meditation, and
for me, what this means is being mindful. Actually, being present and thinking through
things and using your mind. And I have to admit that I thought a lot of
the stuff was woo woo woo ‘til I was actually in the Marine Corps and an officer that I
really respected, this guy actually showed me how he was training up his marines. And, basically, he was getting them to think
through scenarios and he was bringing them all into a room and they were thinking through
it with their eyes closed and they were visioning before they went out to the field. But, he would actually walk them through and
they had to describe in detail what they were doing, the actions they would take. And this has clearly been shown to have a
huge effect and that is the power of meditation is that you take a step back and you can think
through how was this day going to go, how am I going to handle this next hour. Now, for me, what I oftentimes do is I journal
and I count this as a form of meditation. There’s all different ways you can write
down your thoughts. Giving myself time to think has had a huge
effect on the way I’m able to approach the day and what I’m able to get out of it. Now, this next one is showing gratitude through
connection. The key here is you’re showing gratitude. You’re being thankful for the people in
your life who have helped you achieve something. Maybe it’s that coach, maybe it’s that
teacher, maybe you just simply want to set put up on somebody’s wall on Facebook, you
know what? I just wanted to thank you, Mike, for being
an amazing coach when I needed that in my life. You are just such an inspiration. When you give this praise, when you give this
thanks, you feel great. The person receiving it feels great. You’re trying to get on the phone to thank
your mom for everything she did, your aunt. I know of my aunt, I think about what she
did, she means a lot to me. And, I love sending her text messages because
now she’s deaf, she’s really just in bad health, but she loves dogs and she loves wiener
dogs and that’s one of the reasons I have a wiener dog. And I love taking pictures of my dog and sending
it to her, taking pictures of my kids and sending it to her. You make that part of your routine, I tell
you you’re going to feel better. Look to take these steps even if you start
do one today, I mean, that’s one more than yesterday. Congratulations, and that’s what I want
to see. So, what video to watch next? Well, how about how to actually wake up at
5:00 AM, I’ve got you covered with this video right here. You wake up early, you’re going to have
time to do all the things I talked about in this video or let’s talk about your shaving
routine. I’ve got a seven-step shaving routine I
break out right over here, guys. Go check it out. That shaving routine I talk about how to go
through and how to spend that twenty minutes when you’re wanting to get the perfect shave. [0:08:39] End of Audio


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