5 Things That INSTANTLY Ruin Your Style

Guys, what are you doing?
You’re ruining your style! But no worries, TMF is here to help you out. Today I’m
gonna go over five common things that instantly ruin your style and most guys
do on a daily basis. The first thing that I see all the time, guys wearing white
socks with all their outfits. It’s such a common style, you can literally the
bodies at a grocery store. Which should tell you just how stylish or unstylish
these things are. The stylish alternative today is to go for some color. As long as
you don’t go overboard with the prints, and the bold colors you can have a
little bit of fun with your socks for an overall better outfit. The second mistake
that is destroying your outfits is not knowing how to properly match your
clothes from prints, to patterns, to colors. When you start mixing a bunch of
variables into your outfit, the more complicated it gets and the
harder it gets for you to actually build stylish outfits. So here are two simple
rules, when it comes to patterns and prints make sure the prints vary in size.
This is to avoid a big optical illusion an eyesore for anybody that sees you. So
for example, say you want to mix a striped shirt with a striped tie. Make
sure the stripes on the tie are thicker than the stripes on the shirt or vice
versa. As for colors this can get very complex and I could probably do a whole
video on that in and of itself. But here are three simple dump-down rules that
you should always follow when you’re mixing colors. One: keep it in the family to
play it safe. Which means earth tones go with earth
tones, neutrals go with neutrals, pastels go with pastels. Anytime you mix within
those, chances are your outfits going to look good. Number two: you can always wear shades of the same color to pull off monochromatic looks, as long as they’re
not the exact same color. And finally number three: complementary colors will
always look great. Essentially these are the ones that are opposite to each other
on the color wheel. You stick to those basic rules and you’ll be matching
outfits like a pro. Number three, wearing tacky belts. I see this all the time. Guys
flexing with their five hundred or counterfeit Ferragamo, Hermes, Gucci,
Louis Vuitton belts. And you’ve heard me say it, and I’ll say it again, I
personally believe that in this region you should keep in minimal. Something
like this, like our sponsor from Anson Belts. Think about it, a belt literally
cuts your body in half creating a visual roadblock on your overall image. This
shortens your body image and makes you look overall shorter, this is
no bueno or if you’re a short guy. This effect is then multiplied when you
put a huge logo in your groin area. Not to mention it brings in all the
attention there and takes away from your overall outfit. That’s why I always out
for belts that are minimal and you can then save that cash for other items that
will create a bigger impact on your wardrobe. If you guys want to try
something out of this world but still falls into that minimal style, give
Anson Belts a try. These guys, which once you try Anson
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adjust your belts by quarter inches and put on and off with ease. This is
probably my daily belt, which as you can see has a lot of wear on it already.
After I started using this honestly, I don’t even use my other belts anymore.
Just because how efficient and fast it is to put on and off this belt. And the
best part is that Anson Belts is super affordable. The great thing is that
everything is interchangeable, so I have a series of buckles and a series of belt
straps and I can interchange it within straps. They have an amazing deal where
you can get either two buckles or three straps, or three buckles or two straps.
Which basically gives you six different belt combinations. Meaning that with even that basic package you are covered for all the belts you’re gonna need to make
sure you have stylish outfits and aren’t ruining them. If you guys want to check
them out, like I said there’s gonna be a link down below. Go ahead give them a try. I’m telling you once you try Anson Belts you’re never gonna go back to regular.
The fourth thing that’s ruining your style is that your gig line is all out
of whack. See the gig line is an imaginary line that basically runs from
your neck, all the way down to your groin area. Everything should line up to it,
which basically means it’s your shirt placket, your belt buckle, and your zipper
should all line up in a straight line. If they’re out of whack, it’s ruining your
style. Again, this is one of those free tips that really only requires a little
bit of effort on your end but has significant impacts on your overall
style. And finally the fifth thing that I see daily ruining your style, is letting
your pants sag, and I think this is an epidemic for every young generation.
It’s kind of like the cool thing to do. A good example is my last makeover I did
on my friend CJ. So we were going to tailor, but I mean it was because he had them kind of low. But when you put when the pant at your natural hip the pants are perfectly. For
him, no tailoring. As soon as we brought his pants up to his natural waistline, the
pants fit perfectly. You no longer get that diaper pouch sag and the rear end
and your pants won’t crumble at the bottom. Those are the two things that
ruin your style, when you end up sagging your pants. Alright boys, so that’s it
for this week’s video. Those are 5 things that are instantly ruining your style on
the daily. If you guys liked this video and found that informative, don’t forget
to drop us a like down below. Also, don’t forget to check out our sponsor Anson
Belts. They’re gonna be linked down below. That’s it for me today, see you next time!


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