6 MONEY SAVING Beauty & Lifestyle Hacks!

Hey guys so for today’s video I am
sharing some beauty and lifestyle hacks that’ll really help you save money so
let’s get started the first thing is something that I do all the time so a
lot of the times I’m buying clothing and whether it’s a bodysuit
or a pair of jeans it just doesn’t fit me right it’s not the right length and
in this specific case this bodysuit that I purchased was actually a really
awkward length it was a bit too short for me so I decided hey instead of
wasting it I’m gonna go ahead and cut it and turn it into a top so this is
something that I do very often I also do this to my jeans so instead of paying
money to get somebody to hem my jeans or alter my jeans I just go ahead and cut
it and honestly the raca is really in style and in trend nowadays too so this
next one is something that I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys already do but
just in case you don’t or you kind of forgot about it
if you’re ever out of toothpaste or moisturizer or any products pretty much
go ahead and cut it open if you’re squeezing it and nothing’s coming out
cut it open and I guarantee there’s a lot of product left in there this is
gonna save you a lot of money that way you won’t have to throw out the product
and you’re not wasting a product so this next one you guys is something I’ve been
doing for the past few months so pretty much what I’ve been doing is getting
this super natural nail color which I get asked a lot which one it is this is
the OPI love is in the bear I love this color because this color looks like my
real natural nails so people can’t really tell when my nails are grown out
so what this helps me do is it actually helps me get my nails done every three
to four weeks instead of every two weeks so I calculated and pretty much it’s 50
Canadian dollars for me to get my nails done so if I go twice a month I’m
spending $100 a month I’m spending $1,200 a year if I cut that down by
three to four weeks I am only spending $600 a year instead
some saving $600 a year so pretty much the message here in this hack is save
money and don’t get your nails done this often use a super natural nail color
clean your nails with rubbing alcohol makes them shiny again cut your cuticles
shape them again and your nails will look more put together of course they
are still grown out a little bit but people can’t really tell just because
the color is so natural and I love putting some coconut oil on
the cuticles and around the hand I also really love this cuticle oil that you
guys will see in the next clip from Essie this really helps keep my cuticles
really moisturized so yeah honestly this is a tip I’ve been using for the past
few months it’s a lifesaver I’ve been able to save a lot more money by just
getting my nails done a bit less often and doing little mini manicures at home
and using a natural polish I did get my nails done right after filming this
video because as you can see err they are pretty outgrown this is about four
weeks usually I like to stick more to three three-and-a-half so this next hack
is something that my mom has always done ever since I was a kid and I kind of
carried it on so pretty much what I do is I keep shopping bags from whenever I
go shopping I store them and I keep them and I reuse them for garbage so I use
them to empty out garbage in the bathroom or wherever I need and it just
helps to reuse and recycle them so that you’re not wasting money and buying
garbage bags from the store you can just reuse your old shopping bags so this
next tip is something that is awesome honestly to add into your schedule and
just to keep into the habit of doing so whenever there’s sales at the store what
I love to do is buy all the things that I know that I need things that I know
that I use all the time so I keep backups of what I do is I keep this
little box and I keep these backups of these products that I know that I use
and that way when I end up really needing something I don’t have to run
and rush to the store and pay full price I’ll already have it stored in my backup
box and I got it on sale so this next hack is how to clean your beauty
blenders and your brushes for only one dollar you guys I’ve done a video
previously on this but that was like years ago so I really wanted to remind
you guys how much I love this xote soap this is actually laundry soap but it
works really really really well to clean your brushes and your sponges I’m
telling you guys this soap is magic like it literally cleans your brushes and
your sponges in very little time it gets every little stain every piece of
foundation and makeup right out of there the best thing that I love about this
soap is that it’s literally under a dollar in the u.s. I think it’s like 80
cents or something like that if you go to Home Depot or Walmart if you live in
the US you’ll be able to easily find it in Canada we don’t have this soap which
sucks so we do have to pay couple more bucks to go on Amazon and
purchase it but it’s still a lot more affordable than other brush cleansers so
I still really love it even if you’re in Canada you’re gonna have to pay a couple
more bucks so as you can see it’s all shiny bright and new and clean thank you
guys so much for watching this hacks video I really hope you enjoyed and as
always I will see you guys in my next video


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