A Dog Appearance During A Weather Forecast on Global News Toronto

Toronto area later today Here’s a look at a tropical system. This is Cindy. Cindy is actually fr… Storm what are you doing? Go go play with alan over there! Here, let me just give a treat over down and he can play with that Alright what we’re going to be dealing with uh in the tropics. This is a tropical storm it is expected to weaken That’s the good news but very heavy rain occurring with Cindy. Yes already up to the C-Name B, Bret was named yesterday, and now already weakening just to a regular wave, but it is a sign that this could be an active season. Hurricane season officially Began June 1st now for us we haven’t had long doses of summer sunshine and Again today; a prime example you get some sun Then you get the clouds you get the showers as well and look at these temperatures below seasonal That is going to be the case for the first entire full week. I’m just witnessing a full game of catch here, but uh Here’s our forecast for the day tomorrow. Don’t listen to me just watch for the dog! Lots of sunshine! Here is a look at uh rain showers by the way 8 9 o’clock tonight rain still occurring in Toronto Aye-yai-yai, I give up. all right Storm you done? Here’s a look at the forecast for tonight: scattered showers coming to an end and yes finally a dry day for tomorrow It doesn’t last long; 24 on Thursday 24 on Friday And then it does cool off this weekend with some rain on Sunday. Storms in the building earlier today. We were down at Bloor and Yonge Street participation 150 this is your playlist activity number 87. If you tried dog walking a lot of the different dog shelters and rescue programs around the city Brought some of their furry friends down here and they went for a walk and just so cute that by the way was from Moosonee Rescue and that was a 12 year old pup just so cute and Storm played along for just a little bit kind of like he’s playing along with you right now. Allen? Yeah, but now he’s decided that he doesn’t want to bring the ball back here… You have no more treats! That’s… No more treats. He Has no interest. Just look at this he’s just standing on look at this got the eyeball going. Highly motivated by treats. Alright. Thank you so much after the break a shell of a suprise for some, Florida homeowners

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