A.I. Beats Fashion Stylists at London Fashion Week

Hi everyone! I’m Kostas the CEO of Intelistyle and we’re here at London Fashion Week exploring the boundaries between
human creativity and AI we’re gonna be asking people that are going to the show
and fashion influencers whether they can tell the difference between an outfit
that’s created by AI and an outfit that’s created by influencers.
Come join me to find what happens… oh wow this is hard It was almost
impossible to see a difference to be honest I didn’t think artificial
intelligence would be able to do something like that so it’s pretty cool
to see that I thought artificial intelligence
couldn’t do that as well but I guess I was wrong -That’s pretty cool
-Pretty impressive It might be better than influencers because I
think it somehow analyzes maybe the colors, the cuts but I mean they’re as
good as if it was styled by a professional stylist or influencers It’s pretty amazing The computer has good style I want an AI stylist every day now so we go back to the office analyze the
results and this is what we found if you were picking outfits randomly you would
get an average score of 50% our participants got an average score of 46%
meaning that they couldn’t tell the difference between outfits generated by
AI and outfits generated by an influencer Do you think you can do better?
Give it a go…

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