Adore Me’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2015

This summer season we’re seeing a lot of
pastels in lingerie and womenswear. You’ll see a lot of baby blue hues, and really romantic
shades of pink. I love pastel pieces that have slightly brighter pops of color, like
a bright yellow or a striking white. Black and white is really coming back into play
for summer. It’s just so classic, very chic, and makes it easy to mix and match different
pieces together. Lingerie as outerwear is still a trend you’ll be seeing. Whether
it’s showing off the back of an intricate bra or adding a pop of color under a loose
tank, it’s just so fun. It’s a flirty style that’s sticking around this season.
That seventies, bohemian style that we all know and love is going to be huge. We saw
it all over the runways during Fashion Week, and it’s making a play in lingerie as well.
I love how effortless that decade’s style was; the prints and colors were so fun. I’m
really excited to see those trends make their way back with a more modern twist. Cutouts
will still be a big trend this summer. They add a bit of an edge to any garment, whether
it’s lingerie or clothes. It’s a tasteful way to show some extra skin. I really believe
the key to feeling confident in your clothes is great fitting, beautiful undergarments.
A comfortable bra is something that never goes out of style. Wearing the right lingerie
not only makes your clothes look better, but it can also give you that little boost of
confidence that you need to try out a new trend.


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