Adult Costumes for Men : How to Create a ’40s Costume for Men

Men’s 1940s attire, easy how to. Try to find
slacks that are slack like fabric, you don’t want to use jeans, and you certainly don’t
want to use sweat pants. Just about any kind of mens dress shirt out of the closet will
work, try to stay away from anything that isn’t a solid shade or stripes, leave crazy
prints for a more modern look. Try not to use any of the colors with buttons, you wouldn’t
want to do anything like that, that’s too modern as well. Just about any vest out of
the closet will do, double, singled, whatever you have would suffice. You as well can do
a suspender look if you don’t have a vest, or just prefer that look as well, it’s a very
easy thing to do with grosgrain ribbon if you don’t have access to suspenders and are
truly a dedicee to wanting to wear that look. Many looks for the neck as well, you can do
a necktie feature like this, easily done with the wifes scarf, or any scarf you have laying
around, even a scrap of fabric can be easily tied around the neck to give a good look for
that time. As well, you can use bow ties, those are very fond of that time period, don’t
be afraid of prints, those are all good for the time period. As well, neckties can be
worn as well, those need to be tied off short and a little bit on the bigger side, fatter
in tie, that’s what you want for this period. Of course, something on the head is great,
a golfers cap can go a long way for an everyday look, bowlers are still being worn as well
and sharp fedoras are great for an everyday look. For shoes you’ll want to try to do a
two tone lace up shoe, or some kind of boot like feature, try to stay with a lace on,
slip ons aren’t really around yet. And that is an everyday 1940’s easy, easy look out
of your own closet. If you’d like to do something a little bit more fancy, or have a little
bit more of a budget, you can go ahead and do a 1940’s zoot suite attire, and we’re going
to show that to you easily with a few changes, you want to style up the hair a little bit,
add a zooter hat, very much in style for the time period, (go ahead, and let me take off
your necktie). You’ll want to go to a more sophisticated look, so please button up everything,
roll down your sleeves, do up your collar, you’ll want to add a great tie, and tie it
short as well, all good for the 1940’s, as well the zooter chain, you always want to
add one of those, they always make a great zooter look. As well, the dedicated zooter
hat, you’ll want to notice that the brim on it is much larger than most fedoras, that’s
leading to the famous zooter hat, as well the zooter jacket, you’ll want to notice the
length of that as well, and that it’s very long and dedicated for the zooter look. This
finishing your 1940’s zooter attire.


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