Afroblonde Up-cycled Fashion

Cotton is the fruit
of the cotton plant It is a natural fibre
of vegetal origin and it has been used
for cloth since 3000 BC with the industrial
revolution cotton began
being mass produced It now causing
some of the most severe negative
environmental impacts. Two such examples
of this these are the Indus River
in Pakistan and the
Murray Darling The production of cotton takes
an incredible amount of water, land use, pesticides
and other toxic chemicals. It’s simply
unsustainable! 20,000 Litres
of just to produce one pair of pants
and a shirt The transport industry
uses this cotton for canvas tarp on
their trucks to protect cargo It offers an excellent
balance of breathability durability, strength and
water resistance these truck tarps
can last a lifetime thinking of a solution
for this problem is how Afroblonde
was born By re-using the
truck canvas tarps and creating a collection
of everyday accessories we could actually minimise
the environmental impact of these 3 most polluted
industries: agriculture, fashion
and the transport industry With our
accessories the fruit of the cotton plant
is back to its natural state to be used in this place where
we all should call home nature The circle has been closed, but not without the
marks of a well lived life. a well lived life always brings a lot of
marks and scars That’s the same for the
hats and the caps and all the
accessories They went through
a hard time and this creates a diversity
of products that are never
the same so every single
product is unique When I first came on board to Afro Blonde I was just blown away
by the passion of everyone on
the team especially the
founders they quit their job
and just dived head first they wanted to create
something that was having a positive impact
for future generations We have a motto it’s Afro Blonde
Eco Collection We give waste
a new life

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