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My dear, elegant ladies,
welcome back to my channel. I have a highly requested
video for you today. What to wear when you’re traveling, and what to wear in an airport. If you are new to my
channel, my name is Anna, and I run an online finishing school called School of Affluence. I teach women high
society skills, elegance, and how to feel at home
in elite social settings. Now, if you want to have
this transformation, and you want to know how to
achieve a luxurious lifestyle, visit Okay, ladies, let’s start with a small introduction where I am going to quickly say things that I
would never wear to an airport. The first and foremost number
one thing I would never wear to an airport, and that is my gym clothes. No yoga pants, no sporty stuff, nothing that I usually
would wear in a gym. With my sense of logic,
these type of garments do not belong in an
aircraft or an airport. For instance, there are certain clothes that are meant for certain activities. When I go horseback riding,
I wear certain clothes. When I go and play tennis or I play golf, I wear different types of clothing, so why are then active
wear, why are gym clothes all of a sudden the
appropriate wear to wear outside of the gym? It does not make any sense to me. Now, other things that I
would personally not wear when I go traveling is, for
instance, very tight clothing like tight jeans, anything
that’s uncomfortable to sit down in. I would also not wear heels, platforms. I would not wear dresses
or skirts or even shorts, anything that can make you feel cold. And I would also think a little bit about what not to wear on
my feet when I’m traveling. UGGs, for instance,
unless you are arriving to a snowy country, a cold country, maybe arriving to the
mountains, then okay, maybe that’s okay, but
if you’re just traveling with UGGs because they’re
comfortable, I don’t know. They just look a little bit out of place. Same goes with flip-flops. Flip-flops, I see a lot in
the airplanes and airports. Flip-flops for me belong
around the pool, nowhere else, and especially not in an aircraft. But let’s go back to air port outfits. What would I personally wear? What is appropriate to wear? First of all, we need
to have one thing clear. We do not want to
underdress for the airport, and we do not want to
overdress for the airport. I think overdressing,
appearing in heels and dresses and very delicate clothing
is definitely not appropriate because in airports, in airplanes, it’s easy to spill, get dirty. For that reason, you really
should just have something that is somewhere in the middle. Why you shouldn’t go too
casual is because it’s a matter of respect for yourself,
and it’s also a matter of respect for other people. Although airports and airplanes
are not formal settings, but you are surrounded by a lot of people, so it’s important to
take that into account. I wonder, don’t you
want to look your best, especially when you are
seeing all these people and you’re sitting next
to all these people? So, ladies, I’m going to
tell you what I personally would like to wear in an airport. I will also tell you what
bag I think is best to wear and what shoes to wear. I always travel with trousers and a top. A top can be long sleeve, short sleeve. A few times, I’ve traveled with a dress. For me personally, it was
not the most comfortable piece of garment to wear. Trousers, let’s start with that because trousers are really important. My favorite option,
which I actually do wear quite often myself to long-haul flights, I personally love palazzo
trousers and any wide trousers. They are comfortable,
and especially if you get in a more knitted material,
maybe some satin variation. There can be some high-quality
polyester that is breathable, and it’s not like the
really cheap polyester that we don’t like. But I guess the most important
is that the trousers, they sit nicely around
your stomach and hip area because that’s kind of
where it becomes bothersome when you’re sitting down,
and maybe the groin as well. So you really have
to make sure everything is, you know, relaxed, not too tight, you have some breathing space, and so on. And usually, these type of trousers, they’ll look more flowy,
they’ll look more elegant, they can be a little bit more casual chic, as I like to call it. If you are traveling
short haul, for instance, then you can wear trousers that are more like capri trousers, maybe
some comfortable slacks, maybe some culottes. If you want to wear
jeans, then perhaps a pair of stretch jeans. I would really focus on something that, you know, is comfortable. I feel trousers just makes you
look a little bit more neat, a little bit more formal, so like that, you don’t look very dressed down, and you can just mix and match. Okay, let’s talk about what we’re going to wear with our trousers. For instance, a top like this is something I would definitely wear in an airplane. I like to wear something
that is comfortable, something that is soft,
something that is usually a long sleeve, or if I
am wearing short sleeve, short sleeve is not a t-shirt, by the way. T-shirts is like this. Short sleeve is like this. Now, short sleeve with a
cardigan, for instance, so that you can layer
because in an aircraft, it really does oftentimes gets cold. What I personally wear in an
airplane is something simple. I don’t want to go all fancy. I don’t want to go fashionable. Air travel is already a stressful
moment, at least for me, and I just want to keep things as simple, as easygoing as possible,
so I really think about these things, that
I have to find clothing for airports that are
somewhere in the middle, not too fancy but not too shabby to relax. We want to have that very
casual but smart, casual middle. Now, another thing, I don’t
know if you have the same issue, but I always get very
bloated after air travel. I’ve actually read about
this, that it’s very common. Whenever I travel, I always make sure to, not to wear any tops that are too tight. When I start feeling a little bit bloated, and then all of this shows. It doesn’t make me feel good about myself, and it doesn’t give me a good look. Another thing, I also like, especially if I’m traveling long haul. I don’t know how you
feel about this, ladies. I guess it can be a
bit different depending on your bust size, but me,
as I have a smaller bust, I personally don’t like
to wear a bra with straps when I’m traveling long haul
because in a long haul flight, I want to have, like my shoulders relaxed, so I always wear a
strapless bra underneath whatever top it is that I’m wearing. So, I always make sure that
the top that I’m wearing, it can cater for such bra because for me, it’s just important to have
this kind of flexibility here so I don’t feel like I’m too strapped in everything that I’m wearing, like, I want to feel somehow liberated. I think the trickiest part
is when you’re traveling from a cold country to a
hot country or vice versa because you’re really going
from two types of climates, and it can be sometimes
tricky to dress for it. Let’s say I’m traveling
from a cold country, I’m arriving in a warm country, definitely I would wear the clothes that I’m going to feel most
comfortable on, upon arrival. I wouldn’t do the same,
though, if I’m traveling from a hot country to a cold country. Then I would actually put
on my clothes that cater for colder climates later
throughout the flight but not initially because
you don’t wanna go through an airport in, I don’t
know, in some exotic country and really sweating in your jacket. But really, layering solves everything. So, the best way of
layering for me personally is to have, like, spaghetti straps. Maybe you have a cami top,
and then you have a cardigan, not too thick, thin,
and then maybe you have an additional layer, maybe another sweater for the really cold part of the flight, or maybe you have a light jacket. So, when it comes to outerwear, I mean, if you are traveling within hot countries, then this won’t be applicable to you, but if you are traveling
within cold countries or you’re arriving or departing
from a cold country then, of course, you might be
wearing a jacket or a coat. I would personally not wear
the most fancy version of coat, for instance, because
really, in the airplane, anything can happen. For that reason, you have
to have a jacket or a coat. You’re just not too concerned about if something would happen to it, but you still don’t want
to wear the ugliest thing that you own because that’s the only thing you don’t care about. You have to find some
form of balance there. So, what about shoes, footwear? Flats is the only way to
go, and you can, of course, have different variations to flats. So, I do recommend wearing
sneakers, but stylish sneakers. You don’t want to wear a runner’s shoes. We don’t want to wear our old Nikes. We want to wear our good-looking,
nice pair of sneakers. Maybe you have a nice
pair of leather sneakers. I love my Louis Vuitton leather sneakers. They are my favorite sneakers. You can also wear ballerina
shoes if they’re comfortable. An alternative, though,
would be to wear loafers, maybe a nice pair of Gucci
loafers, perfect for travel, perfect for walking, something
that is kind of comfortable but still, you know, formal
enough not to be too casual. I also recommend that you
wear shoes that are easy to take off and easy to put on. I do recommend that you wear
something that is comfortable because traveling
requires a lot of walking, especially between terminals. And also, don’t forget shoes
that are not too fragile. You just never know. Now, if you want to wear boots. Maybe you are in a cold country,
then of course, wear them. Just make sure that they’re
easy to take on and take off. Now, lastly, ladies, the bag. Now, what bag are we going to wear, and do we have to wear designer bag when we travel with airplanes? It’s up to you. You can if you want. If you want to always dress to impress, then you definitely could wear something that is a little bit more
fancy, but if you are somebody that don’t bother and don’t
care, then you don’t have to. It’s just your personal choice. So, depending what your needs are, you will have a bag accordingly. For instance, some people, they don’t really have
a lot of hand luggage. They put everything in
their check-in luggage. Then, maybe you don’t
need to have a big bag. In that case, I would
recommend you to wear maybe a crossover bag or maybe
a bag with shoulder straps because you want to have your hands free. Majority of us, however,
and that is me included, we like to have things
with us inside the plane. That means, maybe you need
space for your laptop, your books, your water bottle,
your iPad, your mobiles. Whatever it is, you need to
have a little bit more space for all of those things
that you just cannot put in your check-in luggage. So, a bigger bag is required,
and for that reason, we need a tote bag. You don’t have to have a tote tote, but you can have something
that is a bit bigger, with easy access because
we do need some form of easy access since we have to take in and out our passports and boarding passes. You want to have some space to work with, but the bag cannot be too big. You want to be able to fit it
in the seat in front of you. But at the same time, if you are traveling with a carry-on as
well, so, a rolling bag, you want to be able to put your handbag
comfortably on the rolling bag. You won’t need to have to
carry your bag on your shoulder or however it is that you have to carry. You can just put them two
together, and problem solved. The last thing that I really
want you to think about. My dear online friend,
@ericasgirlyworld, she mentioned this in a video when she was talking
about her Hermes Birkin bag, saying that it was too heavy
for her to take with her in airplanes, and that’s something that is very important
to really think about, the fact that your traveling
bag, the handbag that you have as a carry-on and so on, that it’s not too heavy
without items inside. Because it’s just going to be a burden when you’re traveling around,
having a very heavy bag, plus stuffing it with all kinds of things, and you end up carrying, like, 10 kilos. So, ladies, I want to hear from you in the comment section below. What are you wearing for air travel? What are your travel hacks? Share us your best travel tips
because I’m really curious. I’m going, actually, to have
a look myself in the comments. Maybe there are some new
little tips and tricks that even I should know about. Now, if you haven’t watched my vlog when I went traveling
with British Airways, which has the worst business class ever, watch that vlog and see how it was when I traveled to a warm country. Now, ladies, safe travels to all of you, and I will see you in the next video.


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