AJ Styles vs. Humberto Carrillo: Raw, Oct. 28, 2019

Again, he could be the one who wins that
20 man over the top rope Battle Royal in the Crown Jewel kick off show. And AJ Styles, the United States champion,
taken down by Carrillo. Now AJ Styles trying to
just hold down in ground. And wait a minute,
shoulders are down for the moment. And able to kick out. What a kick!>>Man!>>Look at the offense
by Humberto Carrillo. And right to the face of
the United States champion. Carrillo into the cover, hooks to leg. And again, Styles able to kick out.>>There’s the agility on display.>>Missile dropkick.>>Drove AJ right into the mat. And look at Humberto Carrillo
now dragging over AJ Styles. Carrillo could be looking for
that Aztec press. Can it connect?>>Into the ring,
>>This could be it.>>Carrillo cover,
Styles just gets the right shoulder up.>>Two count, two count.>>And you have to wonder that Humberto
Carrillo might be thinking that if he got 100% of that moonsault,
that could’ve been the match.>>Here we go now.>>Uh-oh.>>Interesting offense from AJ Styles.>>Hurt that leg, too.>>Styles now looking for
the calf crusher. Calf crusher, center of the ring. [SOUND] Quickly,
Humberto Carrillo taps out.>>Boy, that is the experience and
the knowledge of AJ Styles, when he saw him hurt.>>The winner by submission,
the United States Champion, AJ Styles.>>AJ saw that momentary weakness
with that leg being hurt and he went for the kill.>>AJ, let’s go, let’s go.>>What do you think?>>I don’t know, Humberto.>>But Humberto is hurt.>>And
Styles back to the injured right leg. And now AJ Styles could be looking for
that Styles Clash, connects!>>Come on!>>And now the OC,
Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson. The OC just stalking Humberto Carrillo.>>Get him up, [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC]>>And the OC,
here comes the Street Profits.>>Dawkins, Montez Ford, evening the odds.>>Look out here.>>Gallows sent to the outside. And the OC-
>>No stranger to the Street Profits.>>Wow!>>Man!>>Let’s go!>>[INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC]


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