Alton Mason opens up his Fashion Week suitcase before Paco Rabanne | Getting Ready | Vogue Hommes

Glasses or no glasses? Yo what’s up? Yo what’s up, Vogue Hommes? My name is Alton Mason and today is the day of the
Paco Rabanne show. Come on in. I’m one of the faces for the new
Pacollection campaign, fragrances. three, four, five, six, and I… am the “Strong Me”. We are outside of the Louvre, where everyone’s walking in the rain, it’s madness and this is the calm before the storm of the new Paco Rabanne show. Alright, now let me show you
what I’m wearing for the Paco show. Now, I think I’m gonna wear
this fire coat. So amazing, and it has the pants to match
right here. One thing I cannot live without, I always travel with, is my blazer. i think you can dress it up,
dress it down. It’s always comfortable. For today i probably wear these boots by Margiela,
with the Paco outfit. These one are painted and like, the more you crease them, they crack, and it gives like
this fire vibe to it. Also one thing,
I cannot travel without, this, right here. It has like this little ninja… These are my favourite boots. They are by Mowalola. You could tell they’re my favourites,
because they’re kinda beat up right now, but, they go with everything I have,
surprisingly. My life has change in a way, where I can support
and provide for my family. My life has changed in a way where, I can inspire people all over the world
who look like me. Being creative, being free,
being… Myself. My French fantasy would be, to own the Manko and have a huge burlesque show. Someone French that I would love
to have dinner with, is Karl Lagerfeld, for sure. My definition of French elegance, wow, it could be so many things, chic, or it could be when I am in Pigalle,
and I’m like with the skaters all the girls, who like dress like from like they’re from 2006 with their like little bags
and like snakeskin boots, that’s elegant to me too. Bonjour, can I please order, a vegetarian parmesan risotto. First thing that day
when I landed in Paris I went to the
African lounge restaurant, ate some Senegalese food. How do I beat jetlag? The trick is, when you land,
go straight to the gym, work out, run, get tired real quick, and then take a nap. That’s the best way
to align with the timing. Yeah! I feel like Willy Wonka! If I was able to define my style
in three words, it would have to be, the past, the present and the future. I find my rings all over the world. I’ve found some in China. I’ve found some
here in Paris, like this one, and this one. Favourite place to shop in Paris
would probably have to be in Pigalle. There’s so many small shops, that you find
in like the little streets and in the crevices of Pigalle
that have fire, fire pieces. The most fearless piece of clothing
I’ve ever worn in my life would have to be a diamond bedazzled Gucci jockstrap over this white suit, that I had for the Met Gala. Pretty fire. My style icon would have to be… Oh, there is so many! Love Michael Jackson, James Brown, André 2000, Prince, Karl Lagerfeld, it goes on and on, I found inspiration
from so many people, even from skaters, Pharell, Kanye West, Jay-Z, people on the street. I really like the era
that I am into right now, It was like, The 2002-2008 era. Back in the day, people are more daring with their clothes. I think minimalism is cool
and everything, and I think there’s
a time and place for it. The thing is really fun,
to get kind of crazy sometimes. We’re here at the Paco Rabanne show. Everyone outside’s waiting for Paco, and it’s time to go in
and see what’s up! We’re here at the show. It was a pleasure to be hosting you guys,
and I’m so exited to see what the Paco Rabanne family does. Thank you. Peace


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