Annie & Hayley’s NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN School Lookbook Thrift Haul! 👚📚 | Fashion Faceoff | Nick

[music playing] [groaning] I dunno, I dunno, I dunno! – Oh, this is cool.
– OK, I see potential in these. Cut ’em a little bit. I mean, you can’t cut ’em too short
because it’s school. – What are you going for?
– I’m going for a lot of colors – and I was looking at that.
– Colors! – Oh, that’s pretty… that is pretty!
– Yeah, mhmm, mhmm, mhmm. So I wanted to find the pants, so then I could match
the shirt with the pants. Just a little bit of strategy
but I don’t know my luck with jeans. OK, so you’re going for colors,
I love colors. – Oh, this is cool… OK.
– Oh, that is– Oh, well, you know…
it was pretty before you took it off. These are cute. They’re kinda like cool looking
in the back, ’cause they’ve got that little thing. I’m gonna hold onto these. Ow, scratched my back! I’m just gonna go for three,
so this is– – Good job.
– So this is like one outfit. – That’s pretty.
– Yep. This is so pretty–
oh, that would not fit me. Oh, my gosh, we need to find like
a plain white, maybe like– No, that’s a dress. – Oh, wow.
– Are there any shirts? I’ve never done a thrift look before,
my first time. Kinda very overwhelmed. Oh, my gosh, OK, I need to find a shirt
but there’s no shirts, ’cause it’s only– I’m kinda bummed I’m not doing this,
I wanna go on a shopping spree right now. Where are like the tee shirts? Like a casual school day outfit,
you know? That’s what I’m going for. – I’ll check back on you in a bit.
– OK. – Good luck finding a shirt here.
– I’m gonna have a meltdown without you. I’ll fail without you,
I’ll be here in spirit, don’t worry. – OK.
– I’ll be back. Where are they? We’re gonna check on Annie now. Who is this though?
That’s not my name. I’m not doing well, I need help. Hi, guys! So I just have like a few– not few,
like two shorts that I could flip. – So cute!
– Aren’t they cute? OK, let’s look at these shirts. Oh, definitely! Oh, yeah… yeah, that’s the one… OK! – Those are so cute, oh my gosh!
– Aren’t they? And then you can like cut on them
a little bit, style them a little more. Super cute, but I can’t find a shirt. OK, I’m really stressed. So, yeah, I think these are the moves. We can do a lot with like a plaid shirt. – I think plaid is so cute for school.
– It would be so cute. And you can do so much with it,
like a little pink plaid skirt. You could like cut it or like tie it. – OK, we’re gonna just grab it.
– Yeah. Oh, look at these earrings! These are some cool earrings! Buttons? Oh, that would be so cute
to like put on your shorts or your shirt. Boo! Hey, woah there! This is our territory, bro! – Our territory!
– I feel the competition! – I don’t wanna be in the middle of this.
– Let me see your outfit. That’s so cute! Aww! Patches are so fun! Oh, this would be so good
if my name was Maria! Dang it! – Mom!
– If only! That’s a dress
and it’s a very cute dress. OK, I think that’s good with patches,
except I really like patches. So like I’m still looking,
but like I can’t move. [gasping] OK, I need clothing! What do I need? OK,
I think we try to find one more shirt. Oh, my gosh, you have so much stuff! – Hayley’s really going for it!
– I’m just grabbing things. OK, I need another shirt, just a shirt. I feel like these shirts are cute. Do you need help? – Do you want me to help you?
– I think I got it! OK, OK. I feel like I could do something. I love those! [laughing] That’s such a good back to school look. Oh, hoodie… hoodie! But like how could I thrift a hoodie? Like how could I make that cuter? Alright, well I see you got
your hands full, you’re doing great. – Yeah.
– Keep shopping, – you have 15 more minutes.
– I’m ready. – You’re so ready, I love the confidence.
– I’m already ready. OK, so I was gonna use like a tie and do a belt
but I don’t think it’s gonna work. – Like, you know, as a belt?
– That’d be cool! Shoes in my size, where are you? I’m lost. I don’t know what socks would look good because I don’t really know what outfit
I’m going for yet, I just have a bunch of items. The only thing I can do
is the cowboy shoes, ’cause that’s definitely
the only outfit. Like there’s these brown ones
and brown and white ones but I just don’t know
if that will go with all my outfits. Wait, these are like sports bands. – Wait, those aren’t even socks!
– Oh! Oh, these are the socks! Got this ring! – Wow!
– Oh, my gosh! OK, we’re just– we’re gonna get these
and just… chop ’em, bro. I think I’m gonna
stop saying bro, I’m sorry. We’re gonna go over here to see more–
oh, my gosh. OK, we got it. I left all my stuff over there,
hope no one steals it. But my hand is getting so tired! I literally have so much stuff
and it just all dropped! OK, I need to organize this. Is this cute? Kinda heavy. I think we could do a lot with this. I might not even use all of this stuff. OK, I have five minutes, I can do this! What do you guys think? I’m gonna get both. I just need the jacket,
I’m very mad at Annie. I’m gonna look at the purses
one more time. ‘Cause I feel like
I can definitely do something with that other purse that I got. We got that hanger,
we also got that hanger, and we also got that hanger. We’re good! I feel like I only have a minute left and
I still have to go pick up all my stuff, so I’m kinda freaking out, so I may
just like… ditch the first idea. Alright, girls,
five, four, three, two, one! Time is up! I’m fine, I got everything I needed,
I am great! I am so proud of you! Three, two, one, go! Wait, wait, wait, I’m scared. [squealing] Oh, my gosh, I’m cutting them too. – Annie…
– It’s so scary! I almost cut these
with the wrong scissors. My goal is to not burn myself
but like… it might just happen.


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