Annie & Hayley’s RUNWAY FINALE For Rebecca Zamolo & Indiana Massara 👑Fashion Faceoff: S2 Ep. 4

Alright, guys. Finishing touches. We’ll make it work, sweetie,
that’s fashion. Yes! Well, the tiara kinda broke. – Three, two, one, go!
– Ah! I cannot believe we made outfits
for pets last time! – Who won?
– Well, you guys voted And the winner is… Hayley! [laughing] I think we need a recount. – No…
– Yeah. OK, so what’s our next challenge? Well, since you guys
are a little more advanced now, I think it’s time
to put your fashion skills to the test. So, for the grand finale, you guys are going to be designing
runway outfits for fashion pros. Well, I’m already kind of a fashion pro
so this will be easy. Alright, if you guys are ready? – Three, two, one, go!
– Oh, OK, now, let’s go! Fashion! Annie and Hayley only have 30 minutes
to thrift shop for old clothes that they will transform
into newly designed, high fashion outfits for runway models. No, no, no, no, I’m going this way! No, no, no, no, no,
we have to go different ways! Oh, this is– more dresses, go! Annie, no, I want that one! This is mine! I’m not good at like
shopping for expensive things. – This is cute, trade?
– This is mine. – No.
– Are you sure? Look at this. – You don’t like it.
– No, I like that one! No! – Rock, paper, scissors?
– No, this is mine. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot, I win!
– Bye! What do you think you could do
to like amp it up? Get a lot of accessories, gloves! Maybe Cinderella! – Yeah, that’d be so pretty!
– Oh, my gosh, the blue gloves! And I also have this cute skirt
that I got for Hayley. – What is this?
– It’s just an option. – Yeah, what do you mean “what is that?”
– It’s just an option. But I think it would actually
be way better for this kind of vibe. Oh… ah, we got stuck on things! I was also thinking maybe even
just something like that. And then I’d put the skirt over it,
I think I’ll get both.. Your guys’ outfits
are gonna be like opposites. – Can I like take this one?
– No. OK, it’s fine, I didn’t break it,
I didn’t break it. Move on, move on. Oh, it’s like– this is perfect! This is kinda fun– oh, I hate velvet. Please ask for assistance. I’m here! Oh, I can open it! Still velvet, all velvet! All velvet! Oh, did I do that? Nice going! You break it, you buy it. This is cool! That is so cute! By the way, 15 minutes left. – Oh, gosh.
– Here’s what I have. And I think I’m going for more of like the cool like,
eye-liner cat, bat kinda look. Does that make sense? Wait! Oh, wait there! Wait a minute! I think I have like the basics. But what I need are some like super cool
and like really out there pieces. Oh, hey, girly! I’m gonna cover up with some fabric
from the scarves. And I literally just missed the scarves. I dunno, how do we feel? I think I’m feeling it. And, you know what? If it shows a little green,
it shows a little green. Oh, my gosh,
I almost just lost that phone. I want like a cool head band,
some kind of like horn or something. You know?
But I like don’t know. OK, I’m just looking for scarves,
you know? OK, we got that. Excuse me, do you have any horns? Mask! We found it. I’m very excited. I got about five scarves. Well, OK, yeah, put it on. I think that so might like go with it. – Yeah.
– It’s perfect. OK, and it really like fits the aesthetic,
which I’m excited about. – OK.
– I got the blue gloves. – Let me see, Hay.
– Gosh, those are perfect! She looks great! Yeah. She’s leaving a trail. Oh, my gosh, I’ve dropped two so far. I got ’em. Oh, no! This is bad. What is happening? Go and drop this off. – Put it right by my stuff.
– Yeah. No, I didn’t say on my stuff but… This is so cool! I’m a stylist, I’ve decided. Alright, I actually think
we still have time left – but we’re done.
– We’re done! – Three, two, one, challenge over!
– Yeah, we’re done. Oh… kinda took all the fun out of it. – Sorry.
– Yeah, gosh, Annie. Oh, it’s my fault. OK, Annie, let’s take a look
at your runway haul! – Let’s do it.
– OK. – We have this rack…
– Oh, wow, lots of black. A lot of cool different things. Oh, my favorite thing,
look at that skirt right there. – Woah!
– Met Gala, love it. We got some feathers
that my go on the skirt, we have no idea
what we’re gonna do with those. Some sequins, more sequins. This really weird dress
but it might look cool. – Fabrics cool.
– Um, and a boa. – Again, black.
– So obviously, a lot of color. Yeah, that’s what I was going for. You’re definitely going for
a very colorful look, awesome. – Well, are you ready to meet your model?
– Yes! Come on out, Indy. Hey! [laughing] Oh, it’s gonna look so good on you! I’ve seen your rack. – It’s very much like my favorite color.
– Yeah. I mean, people assume it’s red
but it’s black. So I’m digging the color. It’s gonna be a perfect style for her,
I feel like she would like wear all this. Yeah, I mean, mhmm. Yeah, she would wear that
on a daily basis. Right! – Well…
– We’ll see. Well, I’m excited to see
what you come up with. – I’m excited to see you in it.
– I’m excited too. – Best of luck to you!
– Thanks. Alright, Hayley, what do we have
going on here? OK, so we’ve got a bunch
of pink and white. This beautiful dress right here. I love how it’s like
completely opposite of Annie’s. Hers is super like dark
and yours is so like pretty and light. – Oh, thank you, another pink dress.
– Oh, pretty! And then I have this skirt,
I have this dress. Another dress. I have another dress
and then I have this skirt. – Wow, I love it, I love the color.
– It’s just a bunch of fabric. Alright, well, are you ready
to meet your model? – Yes!
– OK, come on out! – Hey!
– Hey! I picked the right colors,
I picked the right colors! I was gonna say,
I feel like both of the models worked so good for like
the looks that you were going for. Yeah, I mean, these sleeves are…
they make me a little nervous! But I’m confident in her DIY skills. Hayley’s had a lot of practice
at this point. Yeah. I gotta say,
she’s made some pretty cool looks. Alright, well, I can’t wait
to see what you come up with and I can’t wait to see you wear it,
I’m so excited. We’ll see you in a little bit and– Alright, are you ready
to get this thing started? – I believe in you, Hayley, you got this!
– Yes, I am! Alright, are you ready to DIY
your final thrift flips? So ready! OK, you have 60 minutes to make your
biggest, craziest fashion masterpiece! – Time starts in…
– OK! – Three, two, one, go!
– Ahh, OK! Um… – We’re starting with the hat.
– I wanna do something basic first. So we have like the base. Will this fit her? Yeah, OK, we’ll just hope for the best. – Boom.
– She’s really tall. Is that a problem? No, I was just saying you need to like
make it like long. Indiana! – Yeah?
– Will this fit you, you think? – I mean…
– It didn’t fit her. But like it looks like
it would fit you, right? We’ll make it work, sweetie,
that’s fashion. Yes! Hayley’s already hot-gluing over there. Well, the tiara kinda broke. She’s so mean. I’m very much struggling right now. I think this is gonna be our main dress. Yeah, ’cause it’s long
and it will fit over this. Oh, you know what I’m gonna start on? I’m so confused! I’m gonna start on doing this. Oh, don’t cut that yet! – Don’t cut that right there yet.
– I literally almost cut it. – She just chops it out.
– I literally almost cut it. I’ll walk you through that. – Got it!
– I’m really making sure this is secure. – How’s it going, Annie?
– It’s going great, can’t you tell? Look at how beautiful this is. – Is that gonna fit over–
– I got this! OK, it’s just not gonna fit over her. [clanking] Yeah, that’s my bad. Come on, little guy. Right now I’m just making sure
my ideas are coming– – Are good ideas.
– Are they? You have eyes,
you can see how good they are! – For you.
– I’m cutting some flowers now. You’re cutting flowers? – Yeah.
– Oh, out of that, that’s cool. I can put like some of this
on like this. – That’d be cool.
– Hayley, what’s your inspiration? Cinderella slash cotton candy. One flower. So I’m thinking, here’s my vision. So we’re cutting up that like mesh thing
which is gonna go here. It’s gonna have this like really pretty
like mesh look to it with some sleeves. And I was thinking, to bedazzle it up
a little bit more, I’m gonna put some flowers like on it. I’m planning to use
some of the fabric off of this, ’cause I wanna keep it, you know, simple,
which is not like me. So I’m doing something different. Oh, four flowers done. The dress does not fit around this. – It does.
– Oh, it does? It does, it just needs a little
push at the back. Oh, yeah. I dunno if that’s gonna be
the design on it– bless you. But I do know that I am gonna put flowers
on there, dunno how it’s gonna look. Oh, is it– is it close to being ready? – You want to try it on?
– Yes! OK, let me take these off,
I just did this for no reason. Oh, I found it. Silver. Yeah, I love that,
I like them just like that. OK, this is one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven! – So good.
– Why are you counting? ‘Cause I need seven flowers to do this. Just like that. – And… is she counting?
– Four… five! Why was that so loud? Five, six! Annie, that’s like a lot. Guess how many there are, Hayley! Seven! Aw, so pretty… OK. I think I need one more. [groaning] Sorry! I dunno what I said but I’m sorry. OK, last one hopefully. I still have to hot glue these down! Perfect! Think we should do something
to the gloves. So now I think I’m just gonna
hot glue them. This for the gloves. Should this like definitely happen? I think it shall. We’re gonna hot glue some stuff
because… why not? – Oh!
– Great, girls! We’re at the halfway mark
which means it’s time for… Midway Mayhem, yeah, you know the drill. Basically, whatever’s in the closet,
you have to figure out a way to work it into your outfits,
so… good luck with that! OK… One, two, three! Oh… my… It’s just a bunch
of different colored lights! – How are we– I know!
– Mine’s all black! Wait, that actually might be cool! Oh… oh, this’ll be so cool, OK. L.E.D. lights? This would be so cool
if it were around the skirt. Annie, do you know what this is? OK, I’m gonna hot glue
and then I’m gonna get to this. – Annie, did you get these rings?
– Yeah. The hard part about hot gluing
these flowers on is because it’s so mesh up here,
I don’t wanna get it on there and like… get it stuck. So I’m having to like
glue it on these dots. – How’s it going, Annie?
– I have one flower done. That’s great. – Kinda exciting.
– This could go somewhere. – Oh, those are great.
– Yeah. Maybe on the jacket
on like the collar. Collar, I love that. There’s so much string! Oh, my gosh, Annie. OK, I’m almost done
with the front flowers. Very close. OK, the rhinestones are good. I feel like after we do the front,
let’s do the lights. Just in case we run out of time. ♪ Hallelujah ♪ – OK, you wanna do lights?
– Yeah. Maybe we should add the subtleties
and then the– yeah, mhmm. – I tried that, isn’t it fun!
– That scared me! Think that could definitely go
with your outfit. – How do I put it back?
– I dunno. Where did my L.E.D light glasses go? Let’s just do it with this one
really fast. – Annie.
– What? – Do you like my lipstick?
– Yeah. I think I’m good. Let’s turn her. – Oh… hey.
– Hey… you have five minutes. We have five minutes. Finishing touches. We’ve got five minutes left and I still have
to get in some time for sabotage minute! Did you guys know that sabotage minute
is actually my favorite minute? Should I do another one on the– Cutting these really uneven
because I have five minutes left! Where is it? Everything… is fine. Oh, it’s right here, I found it. That’s beautiful, right there. I think the earrings need to have this. We don’t have a lot of time,
we’re just gonna wrap it around! Yeah, we have like a minute left. Earrings, I think she’s gonna be
very comfortable wearing these. Well, I just have to figure out a way
to hide this thing somehow. I’m working on a ring. Do you like my earrings? – Five, four, three, two, one.
– I didn’t even get sabotage minute! – Time is up!
– Oh! Alright, guys– [laughing] [laughing] Time’s up, time’s up! – Time’s up, time’s up!
– No! – That’s kind of a good look.
– Thank you! Enough of this madness. Put the sequins down. Are you girls ready for your biggest
fashion photo shoot yet? – Maybe.
– So ready. Come with me! You’re first. Ladies first– no, no! – She broke the cup!
– Hayley! [music playing] No, no, no, no, no! This is the runway challenge,
we can’t just do a regular photo shoot! Here… come with me. Alright, Indiana. Come on out. [music playing] [music playing] That is a wrap on Annie VS Hayley
Fashion Face Off! Let us know in the comments
who you think did the best. For more Annie VS Hayley, make sure you subscribe
to Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel. See you guys next time. – Bye!
– Bye!


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