Annie & Hayley’s UNRELEASED Thrift Haul for NALA CAT & TUNA 😻 Fashion Faceoff | Nick

[music playing] OK, let’s see. OK, I’m already overwhelmed again. OK I’m shopping for a dog. How about I just pick
a random color out of here? Oh my gosh, I’m gonna do that. This has like potential.
I have to try it on myself. What is the dog gonna wear? – Oh hi, Emily.
– Oh, hey. – What is up?
– How’s it going? So I need to find some
orange stuff back here. Maybe an orange dress. Hi. This is awkward. OK, anyway… – So…
– Look how cute. So I’m gonna do this
for the owner, like that. And then a bow tie for the dog. That’s so cute! So they have to be like coordinated? I think like not completely matching,
but kind of coordinated. Alright, cool. I see these orange shoes. They kind of look like creamsical. Creamsi– Creamsicle? Creamsicles, OK.
Let’s go! Bow tie idea? I might go get that,
so Hayley doesn’t steal it. – Get it before she does.
– Yeah. So you could like get something big, and then cut it so you can
use some of the fabric. So right, but I like this one better. – ‘Cause it’s more like business.
– I like that one too. And it goes with the heels. – I love it, I love it.
– The heels, it’s all orange. I basically have my outfit
already planned out. But I think I’m gonna
find some accessories. So what I’m thinking is
I’m gonna get the owner some jean shorts or jeans, and then I can get the dog
some kind of denim. But I don’t know where
the denim is going to go. Ooh, ooh, ooh, wait! What if the dog had earrings? Do we have clip-in earrings? Those would have been
perfect for Hayley. Ugh! The last episode this
would have been perfect for Hayley. Oh and so would have–
Why didn’t I come over here? Up there there’s tutus. – Tutus…
– No, no, no, no! There’s a red tutu right there,
if you wanna copy my idea. Right there if you want. But I already have this
sort of thing going. I found a– I forgot my
orange tutu, which is up here. – Oh!
– Yeah. This is how it all started,
and then I found those orange… Yeah, I was like “whoa”. I’ll get something like that. – Bored?
– Oh no, I’m having a great time. On the third round,
like we got it covered. We don’t need you anymore. Whoa! – Whoa!
– I’m kidding. – I’m kidding!
– No! It’s fine, I’m still the queen.
I have all control here. I can stop you time at any moment. True. I don’t even know what
I’m looking for the be honest. I just need some shorts.
I keep getting distracted. This is what I do
when they’re shopping. OK, what would look good?
I feel like bell bottoms would be so cute. I feel like when I think of dogs,
I think of like cute, and like sweet and cuddly
and then when I think of cats, I feel like I think of more
sassy and like diva. Yeah, and then this around it. OK. I think they chose well because Hayley, she knows how to pick out
those sassy outfits, and like add a lot of flare. And Annie can pick out the really sweet,
like soft, cute outfits. I think it’s gonna be great. I’m gonna wear these heels. Can I take my shoes off?
I’m taking my shoes off. Oh! Oh my gosh, I could
totally see you wearing that. Right? Isn’t it cool? So I’m gonna have these with
this for the owner, if I can get it. With that tied around the waist. And for Tuna, I’m gonna have
these on the two front paws. Like that, and then this as a bow tie. I’m kind of tripping over
this dress right now. But it’s fine, I’ll cut the dress. OK, I think I’m gonna get some of these. Do you see my new shoes? Oh my gosh, you’re wearing them. – I love that look.
– I’m wearing everything. I think you look amazing. OK, so right now I am struggling
trying to find Tuna a hat, – but I think Emily and I just found one.
– That’s so cute. And we’re gonna cut ears,
and it’s gonna be so cute, but I feel like, isn’t it tiny? And we’re gonna see what we have. See if there’s any orange
accessories/dresses/pants that the cat can wear. It’s to pink, or is that red? – I’ll just get both.
– I was gonna say just get both. Literally, my whole entire day today.
I’ll just get both. My favorite animal is a cat and a dog,
so it was fine when I heard about this. I feel like I’m doing pretty good. Here’s what I have so far. You can see kind of denim. This is just some extra material
for the dog and some red, and it’s gonna be so cute, I’m gonna
cut little ears out of the hat. Have you ever made clothes
for an animal before? Yeah, of course. – You have, OK.
– I have, I have. How do you think you’re gonna
go about doing that? I am a cat, so– – You am a cat?
– I am, I am a cat. – So just channel yourself.
– Yeah. And you’ll be on your way. I don’t really know what else
I’m looking for, ’cause I feel like
I kind of got everything. But this ring may be cute,
because it’s like striped and red. So I may get that. I think that’s a good approach. The cat’s gonna look like a creamsicle. Creamsicle. I love that. And some glasses, I don’t know. Those would like fit the dog, I feel. So how’s Annie? Annie’s doing good. Annie, you’re doing great. Annie is doing great.
You’re doing great. I’m just kind of thinking. I’m trying to get more items
than I actually need. Just in case. So maybe I’ll get like
a plaid red shirt. OK, I’m just gonna wear
this, this and this. And… oh my gosh,
this is a lot of orange. Just a plaid shirt, just got material
so I have some options, just in case an idea falls through. These heels are really high and I
don’t know how I’m still walking in them. Mine. I’m very excited. I feel good about this. There’s an orange shirt. You’re gonna fall in those heels. Whoa, these are like really big.
I just realized how big they were. And then I have this orange scrunchie. I think I already win, guys. Jokin’! Five, four, three, two, one! – Time is up!
– I’m here! Done shopping. You guys look like you did good. – I got one item.
– You did great. Whoa, this is happening. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. – Is this cute though?
– Let me see it. – I like it.
– Of course you like it. You want me to lose. If this isn’t good, it’s not my fault.
It’s Hayley’s. What? It kind of looks like a five year-old
did it, but maybe that’s the vibe. No, no, no, no, no.
I panicked. I can fix this.


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