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Hello, how’s it going? Today we are going to talk about appearances. This subject is very important because nowadays we people aren’t used to be ourselves. We turn into characters, we dress on a specific way, we pretend to be something we don’t want to be and these is something we should worry about and matter more because at the end of the times the only things we have in life are the moments, the moments that one lived happily. So well, let’s listen to our friend Estefanía La Pantera, thank you. Hello, how is it going? Today we are going to talk about appearances. Even though nowadays we have more freedom of expression, the truth is we tend to confuse what it means to be free and what is to become a character. We people are used to make a good impression, to follow certain matters imposed by society, by parents, even by friends and sometimes we have ideas in our heads thinking that some stuff is important when it isn’t. For example, nowadays I consider that it’s on fashion again to be a snob I mean, to pretend to be and be part of a sort of class, to do certain things to fit in with some specific ‘kinds of people’ and give an appearance of being an specific person with specific tastes, specific manners with the purpose of ‘looking good’. And most of the times all of these isn’t real, sometimes we don’t even believe what we are supposed to be and don’t get me wrong I do understand that everybody every person on the world including myself, we want to have an specific look, we want people to associate us with certain stuff. It isn’t bad to have tastes, to have aspirations but when we start to behave in a way just to be ok with people, to not disgust our parents, our friends or simply just because we want to look like a ‘highly person’ there is when we’re walking on the wrong path. I mean if you are going to give a performance, a talk, or some work conference usually we dress well for the moment, we get up and say hi but we aren’t prepare for what we came for and we think that just because we looked good and behaved good everything’s cool, that shouldn’t be like that. One must do everything with will and feel it inside instead of mattering more on how we look, I mean if you are going to sing is more important how you sing than how you are dressed, unfortunately nowadays the media teach us that image is all we’ve got but that isn’t true, image is only a tiny part of the human being, what it really matters if what we really feel inside however people might take it seriously or not as well as good or bad. Let’s try to be real to ourselves because at the end of the day the benefit is for ourselves, the happiness is for ourselves. And well, I shall invite you to analyze this subject. Do you guys live your lives based on your own feelings? Or do you live according the expectations of society, your parents or the world? Well, that’s it for now, this was ‘Talking with Manchitas’.

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