Appearances in Morocco : المظاهر في المغرب

Hello everyone I’m Ayoub and this is my friend Arzac And today’s video is about appearences in Morocco Especially for girls So we used two different looks A good look and a bad one ! Check out the reactions guys hello Are you waiting for someone ? Do you know me by any chance ? No not yet ! Just fuck off ! I dont wanna know who you are I was wondering , if we could go grab some nuggets ? Nooo ! No nuggets, no Hummus Or moroccan pancakes ? No ? Hey there Stop I wanna talk to you I just saw you there and I thought you’re hot ! Well, u can give me your number and I might just pick you up with my bicycle! No daddy ! we’ll have a little ride No I’m sorry we’ll just go to a moroccan snack No ? :/ When I grow up ? lol I just saw you there and came to talk to you Because you’re cute What do you want ? i wanna take you to a cheap place to have some yogurt No I really have to go ! Hey I want your number ! I like you excuse me ? Are you always like this ? Yeaah ! I was born bold 😀 So we’ll have a coffee If we get along well, it’s cool Otherwise we’ll just go in different directions Totally ? Yeah Just for this future projection.. I wont give you my number Confidential Ok write down my number 06? Hey , how are you guys doing ? Good ! I just thought you’re really adorable I like your hair’s colour Yeah it’s nice ! And natural I only have two minutes You ! I wanna get your number I’m in a hurry right now I’ll take your number , and let’s go out sometimes Okey I’ll write it down for you Confidential informations all right ! Have a good night How are you doing ? Im fine What’s your name ? I’ll take your number, to stay in touch As you just saw in the video Reactions showed all of it And the subject of this video Is not to show girls as gold diggers There was ONE exception in the first part it will be exposed in extras We had this idea because Most people judge you from your look Before getting to know you So TODAY ! We stop this behavior And just keep it simple Let’s explore mentalities and hearts instead Make sure you guys like, comment and share the video And subscribe in Channel and Facebook


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