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hey everyone this is mei yu and welcome to fun friday every friday i try to do something new Funny or challenging last week i do some Disney Princesses as how i imagined them in modern times thank you to those who liked this video and tell me you want me to continue this series I’ll try to do some more in the future many of you haven’t asked me to do part two of my draw myself in 10 animated cartoon and comic styles challenge if you have to see them first one yet go check it out for part two hear our Styles 11 to 20 this is how i imagined myself in another 10 animated cartoon and comic styles comment to let me know how many of these styles do you know and also which one’s your favorite here’s style 11 many of you told me you wanted to see me as a character in this show I used Mabel as reference because I think her face design is very iconic and she’s super cute I design my hair in a simple way to match the style of the show for my flower i traveled dried as I imagine how the animators with dried in the show at first I was thinking about giving me braces like cable since i have them but then i was going to be timeless and I’m going to have my braces off in the future anyway so i decided to not draw my braces it for my limbs I designed them like some of the characters slim limbs that go rooms this is one of the most of Justice styles from my fans if you’re a fan of the show you can see how you Mabel and dipper in my intense one minute drawing challenges part 1 into i hope you enjoy if I were in the show kind of character would be like to hear your ideas because you guys are really creative for style 12 i’ll draw myself in one of my favorite director style you know his name I grew up watching his movies and this one is one of my favorites I really like this movie because I feel connected to the main character she uses her skills to help others and create a better life for herself and also i would love to fly on a broom then Quidditch will be so much easier for this drawing a kid my length then to resemble the style board when I was drawing some concept sketches for this I want myself to be on a broom but then I decided to change it to make a more artistic and more personal so it’s not a paintbrush will be perfect this is one of my favorite animal movies what are your favorites now looks like my dreams going true here’s style 13 I really like her because she’s very brave and i also love riding horses but not that will I tried to grow myself with Milan style of eyes nose and lips a stylized my hair to reflect the movie style ok to get my drawing as close to the movie style i try using different colors to li my lines like the movie if I did this challenge digitally it would be easier for me because I can get the colors and the flatness of the colors very close to the original but i like to challenge myself more by using my markers and pens ok i’m pretty happy how the style turned out for style 14 i’m going with a very different style like a dramatic the lines in the corners arm i referenced Gaz for her face the body and her hair I had to think in really different ways to make my corner sharp and jagged so it’ll look like I can belong this show and reflect some of my likeness ok I really like how my eyes look like I’m squinting like I’m thinking hard about what to do from the next Friday video yes i’m pondering about the important things in my life if I were character in the show what name would you give me ok style 15 how would i look like as an adorable sanrio character ok ok ok like a similar style I didn’t part 1 draw myself in this style was actually not very easy although it appears to be I had to really watch out for my proportions of the body to the head with of the lens space between the eyes and the line thickness so lots of things to consider since i don’t have cat years although that would be really cool i had to make myself a human in this style I drew myself with human ears with my hair I gave myself pants and shoes and my trusty pencil I give myself peach skin instead of weight nothing I look really cute honestly style 16 is based on a famous author and cartoonist if I were one of his books what would i look like when I was in King I try to make my lines look like the shading that most of his character I gave myself that iconic smile and small eyes and my hands to resemble their hand gestures I remember reading so many of his books when I was little and getting lost in those worlds my favorite was courting hears a who and the grinch which books did you like from this author like how I shared my hair it looks so shiny oh my god what am I should go but I like it for style 17 and dry myself in another popular authors book style sure maybe have read some of these books I used to read this series and brought back lots of memories about friends in school you know this though I think how their hands are designed a really cute they’re like little mittens my arms and neck I drew them like thick dark tubes like what their characters have when they don’t wear sleeve I like how it turned out in the simple style i think i look a bit scary instantly team so here’s what I could look like as an odd rectangle with a giant lifestyle 15 I had lots of little things to work out for even though the style itself looks simple for this one I had to make my rectangle head curved but not to occur watch the size of my eyes and the distance between them I think my arms were and how my mouth was positioned I had to make a few changes to make me fit in this style like the hair thank you forgot his clothes for me i’m gonna put some clothes on I was debating on whether i should keep the characters brown color or make me peach eventually I went with peach because i liked how it turned out for me in this time oh look cute but scan for the next style i’m going to be part of this group I reference a few different characters from the show mainly burden Ernie to fit myself in a style or I gave myself some curves and made some changes in the body design so I look older than most of these characters I looked at how Ernie’s mouth was like when he smiling and your myself like that also give myself eyelashes so much as some female characters are seen I think it looks funny like this here’s a last I’ll for part 2 i’m going to be an ogre this is gonna be interesting this one was more challenging than most and it took me the longest to do for this design i sketched and reschedule a few times to get the right-field I was looking for one of the biggest things I had to work out was how to balance my features with an ogres I had to draw myself in a more realistic way to capture my features because when i give myself green skin and a bigger nose and a heavier face i’m taking my features away so the balance was really delicate I also gave myself a wider career body to reflect the original character my arms were more muscular because I think overs would have those it was a fun challenge to get the skin tones the way I wanted at a lot of layers of different greens to build up the result work is one of my favorite DreamWorks animated series i really like how they portray the characters their love for each other and of course those hilarious fairytale parodies it took a long time to get the shading on this drawing i really like how dimensional the body is I think I look pretty good that was a really fun challenge living on the comments which ones were your favorites in case some of you were wondering this video took me over 60 hours to complete including doing the research sketching roughs coloring and the editing thank you for supporting art and my fun2draw channel with your likes subscribe and share my fun2draw videos with your friends and on social media I’ll see every week on tutorial Thursday and Friday and next Fun Friday i have a new challenge for you guys i’m looking forward to it and i’ll see you soon tap or click to subscribe and to continue watching


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