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here today today we’re going to have a wonderful time together hi my YouTube
family this is melody from home got new passion
today we’re going to do pillow cover now to do a pillow cover we’re going to use
about happy out of fabric you can use any color you wish I’m going
to use cotton fabric because they are kind of soft to sleep on it was really
cotton fabric pillowcases are really better than any other kind so I have
here two together one yard so I can make two pillows and you can see that I have
already made one and this is a second one I’ll make to show it to you know
making video kisses the simplest easiest thing and all you need to do is first
you open your fabric and happy out of fabric and then you fold the top you
pull the talk about one inch and then after that you’re going to fold about
four inch so first one inch just turn it up and then about four inches but two to
four inches depending on how wide the top stitch you wanted to be now I’m just
going to gather my fabric and kind of put a crease on it so I know
where to stitch now at this time if you have a I don’t even just ID on it so you
know when your quizzes are I’m just going to take my needle and thread and
I’m going to stitch just basic hemstitch this is just turning to the side and
doing a basic hemstitch this is something you can do it in the machine
or you can do it by hand to teach depending on what your platform I like
in stage peoples I can just talk or do something I’ll just watch something and
then stage unless I have to stay tuned the Machine I just like hand stitching
so the top one image it will just give simple hem and be sure that your hem on
the outer side is small or not to be inside could be bigger that other side
should be smaller and I’m going to fold it to about three to four inches I just
eyeball it now also ironing will be really great option before he starts
teaching because then where to do it so have your really warm
iron hot iron ready and then I don’t need out and then stitch it pin it if
that helps now tell me stitch the top then we’re
going to stitch the side the bottom and the side and bottom on the side you can
run under your machine or hand stitched whatever you prefer so the after you stitch your sides and
the bottom you can just flip it over and be sure to stage the top the four inches
to a hand stitch and you have yourself a pillow case which took barely any time
to make it about five to ten minutes at the most and if you have an iron and a
machine I would say it would just turn the other side after you stage and then
give it a nice good price a nice good price press it out and you just really
give it a nice good press and that will take care of all the little creases so
as you see it just barely took any time and yeah I have two beautiful
pillowcases now you can be little crafty and
once you stitch your 4 inches on the top give a hand then you can put a nice
little trim on around no stitch that one too and they’ll just be a little bit
creative so thank you so hi this is the second pillowcase I made and this
pillowcase I have glitter glue this the letters are made with felt and pillowcase is made with cotton fabric
and this fabric is again half a yard of fabric
you can use a contrasting color belt and pillow is 44 inch lengthwise and 30 inch
width and I have used about 3 inches double folded on the top so you gave 2
folds on the top and give a simple running stitch on the machine or a hand
stage and I give him handy and I made bail ladders and I joined the letters to
the pillowcase and I’m going to do a small one just to show you how I did it
this is just a small lot of fabric and this is 1/4 of a yard and I have used 1
I think I have used two fails to cut out the letters if you write the small
letters then you need 1 but if you like big letters then you need to and first
you decorate and belt and then you stitch the top and I
did give my 2 inches double fold here so I’m going to the same for both the side
so once you fold the top leave it just like that because you have to do the
fair letters because you need to stitch them so it’ll be much easier to stitch
this way and once you finish stitching and decorating then you can stitch the
sides I wanted to do a ham on the side of the pillowcase now here I fold it two
inches and I’m doing this and this you could do a running speed or you could
run your machine in it as depends on you I did hand stitch because it’s just
something I like stitching by I don’t know why for some reason I love hand
stitching it comes me a lot so here just a basic ham just be sure that you twist
your needle so it gives a very good looking design and when you pick up the
fabric make sure you’re picking up very little so outside the state just looks
small so our goal is to make the stitches look normal-sized inside but
outside look very small stitches I’m going to do the whole side with the hand
stage now with the hand stitches it’s going to
take a little bit time so you can do it while watching the telly or something
and once you are used to it you don’t need to look so much so you can stitch
it while reading something as well and you can pin it so make sure your
stitches are in the right place and your fabric doesn’t move so this is very
simple stitch just simple hem and that’s it I’m going to just put a knot at the
end so the stitches do not open up and just a final closing knot that’s it now
I’m going to cut it you done with this man who do the same for the other side
as well two inches double fold and yeah the time comes for the ladder so I made that girl sign you can write
the letters with your chalk marker and then you can cut it out so I’m going to
put here love and you can make like this and give it gift for Christmas any
occasion Mother’s Day Christmas to your food to your family memoir I’ll just
make it for your kids you think so in the center I’m going to write this love
with the felt on the sides some decoration and the decorations is going
to be with the glitter dimensional fabric paint so when you stitch the
letters you can use ham now I’m going to use people if you do big letters you
need to use two felt because each felt will cut out one letter but if you write
a small letter then you can use only one felt for this four letters a lobby so
whenever you’re going to write the letters to make it such a way that it’s
just kind of like two letters at the same time safe and colored and this
becomes a little bit wide so we like to write in and he by day like this and
we’ll make it down also you could cut it and give it a little bit wide so there is your L ve you can write
anything you wish I’m just showing it the hello because that’s what I put on
my pillow dream now I’m going to first test each in the middle so it doesn’t
move you can add some paint so that letters do not move
it’s up to you you can add pain you can just stitch a little bit in the center
and then continue with your tiny little hem stitch all around the reason I said
tiny lil hem stitch because tiny no hems did some invisible plus they hold tight
they secure the fabric so the middle stage in gaming is just to
hold up a break the felt in place so now I can peacefully stitch the sides
without the worrying about well closing this place you can do the same with
pants now I’m going to stitch the sides the
sides you give very tiny little ham and this him just to hold two of this fabric
together now you can get twice or you know if you have a machine you can get
chicks at the stake rolling it you can do that too but then again I prefer just
hand stage and give tiny little little hem stitch because they work they really
are only tied and if you give two times they’re just very sturdy now
when you give your stitches don’t make them too tight because if you make them
too tight they will get like wrinkly so just be careful just keep enough tension
but not too much tension just I’d have to do it twice then giving too much
tension at one time and just go straight and then bend your needle and go on the
side and just keep nice sham stage and I covered my stitches with the glitter
dimensional fabric painting there’s two cha hole in the two fabric together
glass covering the stitches so we’ll just bandaid then come out from
the front and go from the side and gave very tiny little stitches and go again
for the second time to secure it in place properly I’m going to try to find
out that so that’s how you stitch a letter made out of felt and you can do
the same thing for t-shirt too if you making a t-shirt and you want to make
letters on the name and stitch it in the t-shirt you can do the same so now I
have to join the e and here I couldn’t do it straight because this pillowcase
made with a small tablet now I’m going to do the design in the sides to give
one inch gap and just draw two lines and then between the two lines I created a
design from my imagination he’s came to anything little just lying SS business
is a lying down you do all around for side and then field I mean with later
dimensional fabric paint you can put any sort of design you will surely put any
letters or right anything that you wish you can do it
here’s that little pain side does wash up so I’m going to draw this and then
put the paint so be sure to stitch all your letters ahead of time and then the
drawing and then you put paint at the same time but be sure not to add not to
join the entire P look at the size because when we put the paint we need to
clear bedsit underneath so the two sides don’t get joined together
that’s even one thing you have to remember so you have to avoid not to get
that size joined together so we have to keep the two sides
separate once we do the decoration and we need to keep like two hours for the
paint to dry and once the paint is dried and then we need to be stitching just
put the sides and we’re done with the build so cut out the fabric first after
that you got your felt for the letters after that you have your felt on the
left then you do the design and then you be sure to put a fabric at the bottom
and then you decorate in the felt and the design with greater dimension the
fabric paint or any kind of literally paint which is meant to be for fabric
and I use it to empty paint container so now I’m going to use my paint to
decorate it with a glitter paint now be sure to put in white fabric underneath
and also be sure to allow two hours but they stay dry because it needs to about
two hours to dry otherwise a big messy so you want to make it messy and you
wanted it to come out right so allow two hours to dry without
disturbing once you do the design you cannot move it you have to leave it in
the place for two hours so this panel eyeball it in the design
since I didn’t measure anything I just draw it from my imagination and gave
distances imagination I’m sure these things are not perfect but this holidays be sure to fill in the gaps if there’s
any caps and now I have to do the letters and then if you spray it a
little bit with the brass and then it won’t come out if you leave it like
thick one then they usually peel off so we take a bus and spread it around to
the chances of peeling off later it just gets mixed in nicely and it
makes the last little bit design and I was a little bit wide as well someone to
make it a little bit of wide and so we take it us and widen up the design you
can put any design you know other letters or like Disney characters
whatever you wish I’m going to put some rhinestone in here
about the front of the faces so just gonna that I needed by them my
rhinestone so just use it at the beginning of all of these dresses so you have to let it dry and before you
can just do like this because it might make it too sticky you need to just teach the two sides and
then after your decoration hide then only do is just teach the two sides and
you’re done so you just teach it this simple stitch
in the machine or hand stitch just plain running state and you’re done with the
pillowcase so you take your needle and thread and
just join the sides so this is what you’re going to be doing to the other
pillow the one I just did the design and I have to wait for two hours for the
design to dry so I’m showing you in this below and I’m making my stitch started
to so I’m stitching for the second time just is for you and remember you can put
this in the machine do if you have a machine you can stitch it in the machine I’m just sewing in the hand but you
don’t need to do it in the hand you do it machine if you have machine all you
do is this is just a running stitch basic running stitch is a running stitch
to the sides that’s it continue to met him so you do both once you do both the
sides you have yourself nice pillow case so you see the pillowcase is done and
very very easy as designed and the matter of decoration and it’s just very
simple and this pillowcase I have washed it and
wash it and ride it this this is how I’m going to paint the side so the stitches
will not so so you’re going to put a little bit of paint and the sides of the
stitches so it will cover the cover the stitches so very lightly to the side of
the stitches and it’ll cover the stitches so just go do it very very
light and just just to cover the stitches and give it a nice golden
design in the sides so you can go and do this with all the
letters and then finish up the design let it dry for two to three hours so
this is this is our pillar case thank you so much for watching don’t forget to
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many more reasons I thank you so so much for being here today I hope you enjoy
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