hi this is Athiya Shetty and i am going to be talking about my quick fashion tips and beauty tips that i follow all the time all the time i feel like I’ve YouTubed basic no makeup makeup looks a lot and also peoples night regime i am always interested in what people do when the sleep at night like what do they put on their face ah i feel like obviously wash your face keep it clean but i think less is more so i don’t put to much i put actually coconut oil on my face on my face before i go to sleep because i have dry skin ah that’s about it yeah lots so many i remember once ah i was at a screening or somewhere and i didn’t have blush so i decided to put red lipstick as blush and then when lights came on i had like two big tomatoes on my chicks ah I’ve done lots of blunders but i think that’s how you learn it ah my first encounter with makeup was when i was very young what i used to do is i was obsessed with lipsticks so i would when my mum used to go for work i would go and open her lipstick dabba and i would put lipstick all over me on the mirror i would feel like i could make art with lipstick so i think my encounter with lipsticks was at a very very young age but i started using makeup i feel very late in life actually the only make up that i was allowed to use was kajal ah i love and i admire Gigi’s and Kendall’s fashion ah the way they put clothes together fashion trend i mean i would never do it because i fell like i wont be able to carry it off but everybody is wearing those cycling shorts now those i don’t even know what they are called but i feel i would never be able to pull that off mascara myself because i don’t want to ruin anyone else’s face ah lipsticks ah i use a lot of face packs so i think fruit packs or something i like experimenting with drink lots of water and i know it sound really cliche and every body says it its a really really important and use sun block if you like this video please like share and subscribe to Pinkvilla thank you

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