*attempting* to style new THRIFTED pieces into outfits!

– Is the social distancing
getting to my head? I don’t know. As we all know, it’s a little bit of a
crazy time, right now. Not even trying to be funny. Times are pretty wild. I’m not able to go to thrift stores or the mall, right now, nor do I wanna go anywhere
outside of my house. So, I’m trying to think of really fun, creative ideas that I can do from home. Really awesome ideas that
still incorporates fashion and body positivity which are, hopefully, some of the reasons you
subscribe to my channel, other that the fact that maybe
you just like me, hopefully. My first thought is always try-ons and I will be doing a
lot of those to come, obviously it’s just part
of this channel anyways. But shopping within my own closet and kind of creating looks with what I already have is something that I
really, really love doing. It’s so much fun. I love putting outfits together and although I don’t have
anywhere to go at the moment, except maybe to happy hour
in my kitchen, every night. And about a month or so
ago, I went back to Arizona and I thrifted at my favorite thrift store and I filmed a thrifting
video while I was there. And I thrifted so many fun,
colorful spring pieces. So, I thought it would be really fun because I didn’t get to do a
try-on and haul in that video. I thought it’d be a good idea to show you guys what those look like on, and then also show you
how I would style them into outfits in my normal wardrobe. So, I’ll show you each of
the pieces that I bought and then how I would
incorporate it into an outfit. I’m gonna style it into a whole look. Hopefully you guys enjoy
this type of thing. If you do, let me know. We’re gonna be trying out
some different formats in the coming months. But thank you to those of you who suggested that I do videos like this, shopping within my own closet. Let’s see what we come up with. So, first up, I actually
picked up this shirt, which is by the brand Ivy, and it is this, kind of
like, almost dad shirt but it’s got this really
pretty, floral print. It’s just the most spring thing, I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I love the colors on this. Also I did wash and sanitize all of these clothes, obviously, but I haven’t ironed any of them. So they might be a little wrinkly. We’ll all be okay. So, I decided, if you
guys saw my thredUP video, I decided this would be
the perfect opportunity to bust out the white jeans. You guys, I bought a pair of white jeans, who am I? It’s crazy because I actually
really like these as well. I’m not entirely sure how
these two are gonna go together but we’re gonna try to put them together as an outfit and see. I think that this shirt
would look really cute with regular jeans as well, but I thought with the white it would just
be such a spring moment. I don’t know, I have a vision, so I’m hoping it’ll really come through. Okay, look. This does give me very
much dad on vacation vibes, like I’m in Hawaii right
now with this look, so I don’t know if this
is the perfect paring. I think with the right kind of booties or something to dress it up
a bit, it might be better. What I think I’m gonna do is
actually swap out the white, I love the jeans, don’t get
me wrong, jeans are great. I just don’t know if this
is the right pairing. So I’m gonna try on a
denim bottoms with this and then maybe tie up the shirt ’cause this feels a little not my style. Okay, yes, this feels much
better, much more like my style. This actually remind me
so much of the outfit that I wore on my first
day when I was in Hawaii. But it’s got a nice
little spring kick to it. I think this is really cute, really 90s. With some white sneakers
you have a complete look. I just rolled down the
sleeves too which I think just kinda makes it look
a little bit more casual. This definitely feels more like it, like this is more up my alley, and I think it’s not bad as an option. This is definitely leaning
more towards summer instead of spring, but I
guess it doesn’t really matter because the temperature’s the same in my house, so okay, let’s move on. Next I thrifted this little top which is like a sweater tank
top, and I had been seeing, as I mentioned in this
video when I thrifted this, I’ve been seeing a lot of these
on American Eagle’s website, I think I saw ’em on Hollister, this sweater tank I guess
is becoming very trendy. Would obviously look cute
with these jean shorts, I’m trying not to use as
much denim in this video, but there’s still a lot of denim. To pair with it I decided that bringing a little bit of print,
since it’s a solid color, might be really fun, so I have this skirt that I’ve had forever,
well I guess for a year because I got it at New
Look when I was in the U.K. last year, so it’s one
of my favorite skirts, I will never get rid of it. It’s just got this gorgeous daisy print that I thought would be so
springy and fun together, so let’s see what these
look like together. And here we have it, very
cute base of an outfit, and what I think I would
actually also pair with it is some kind of leather
jacket, maybe a combat boot. I am not puttin’ on shoes
for every single look in this video, but picture
a black combat boot and then this is like a
spring night time outfit, I don’t know, am I on to something here? Very simple, it’s
obviously just a basic tank so you can pair it with anything, but I thought this would be
a cute vision for this look, or even maybe the black denim jacket. If you had a white leather jacket, oh! I wish I had one! That would be even better,
that’d be incredible actually, or some kind of maybe lighter pink. I’m actually really mad
that I don’t have that. But also you could wear
this at night time too, it’s just a cute little edgy
spring look if you will. Speaking of edgy, the next one is a piece that I’m really trying to
figure out how to style, and this is the vision that I had for it, so we’re gonna see how this goes. It is this incredible lilac
blazer that I thrifted. It was actually brand new with tags, it’s by the brand Face to Face. Guys, I still couldn’t figure out how to say it, I don’t know. It’s in a double XL so
it’s a bit more oversized, but I just fell in love with this color and can’t live without
it so I was like, okay. With this being so very Easter brunch from the 80s color moment,
how do I edge this up and make it a little more modern? So I was like, in true Carrie fashion, I should wear a band tee
and maybe some kind of either bike shorts or
denim shorts to go with it, so I’m gonna put together
this look that I had in mind. Where I take this T-shirt
that I got off of Poshmark, pair it with these denim
shorts, maybe tuck it in, maybe tie it up, I’m not sure, and then throw there blazer over it. Let’s see how it looks. All right so call me crazy
but this is kind of a look. Am I crazy? Is the social distancing
getting to my head? I don’t know, I kind of
feel like this is a look. I like this sorta juxtaposition
of this fancy blazer with a little bit of a grungier T-shirt, some cut off shorts, and then
for sure a white sneaker, or maybe even a black
bootie would be really cute. This color is just the most gorgeous color I’ve ever seen, it steals the show. But I think that yeah,
wearing something a little bit more casual throughout
the rest of the outfit brings it back down to earth a little bit because you know I would never
be like a professional woman wearing a blazer in any way. So this is kind of fun, it’s
something unique and different, I really actually kinda like it. So when I originally saw
this turtleneck I was like, “This is a gorgeous yellow
color, so spring, so fun.” Don’t really love the fact
that it’s a turtle neck and not a mock neck because
I do tend to feel suffocated by these, but it feels loose
enough so it should be okay. But then I found at the very last second, if you saw the video, in
the pajamas lingerie section I saw this tank top which I
immediately, I don’t know why, felt like would go so well with each other so this tank on top of this. It’s just the most
gorgeous colors of floral, honestly even underneath this blazer. Just sayin’. A lot of these could be a look that could be interchanged
with each other, and then I thought maybe putting
on these Reformation jeans. Listen, these Reformation
jeans are the only jeans that I kept from the Reformation video that I did with Alexa. They’re a little bit
too big but I am sort of in denial about it and just
really want to make it work, so I’m trying to wash them very often hopefully shrink them,
it’s not really working, go figure, but I’m gonna
try to pair these together, okay, let’s see what they look like. Okay so we’ve got goo news and bad news. The good news is, this is actually cute. This is pretty much exactly
what I was envisioning, but the bad news is, this
little tank top is so tight. I can barely breathe in
it, it’s squishing down my boobs so very hard. This is either gonna need to get donated or put on my Poshmark
or something like that, but I’m not goin’ to the
post office any time soon so who knows when that’ll be. You can get the general idea
of the outfit from here. Oh my God, I literally can’t breathe. I don’t know who gave me the
idea that this would fit me, but underneath, the turtleneck is great, the sleeves are nice and long, you can put any tank top over it, it wouldn’t
have to be this exact one. I have a little leopard tank top that I think would be
really cure over this too, but this is still a very springy look, I’m a little gutted that this doesn’t fit because it’s very, very
cute, but in reality this is a completely
non stretchy satin shirt that’s probably a size medium and I’m an extra large so, I tried. But yeah, the turtle
neck underneath, great, no qualms with it whatsoever, it fits in all the right places, it’s definitely long
enough in the sleeves. I don’t really love how
high up this turtleneck is, but I’m trying, okay? I’m trying here! The next one I have to
try on is a mock neck, much more my style, so we’re
gonna move on to that one because I have a really cute idea with it. This pastel bubblegum pink is probably one of my favorite colors. I say that about
everything, but I really do love a pastel color palette. This is by the brand Sag Harbor, it’s a size large, very adorable. It’s like a T-shirt sweater type of thing, and so what I thought would
be really cute to go with it is actually a pair of overalls that I had in my potential Poshmark pile. But I got these on thredUP
maybe six months ago or so, and they are this really fun overall. I think originally they’re from Aerie, and they have such a cute
little floral print on them so how cute would that be for spring? And there’s a little bit of
pink in each of the flowers too, so I thought this combo
would be really good. Turns out you really should
try on your thrifted clothes before you buy them, I mean
when you’re in a position to obviously leave your
house and go thrifting because half of these things
I’m not exactly sure about, but we’re working with it,
we’re making it happen. Okay, let’s hope I love this. Okay yep, yep, this look is it. This is definitely the
one that’s most my style, I feel so comfortable in it. I don’t know, I was thinking
about donating these overalls, but I might need to keep
’em for a little bit. The top’s really comfortable,
it goes really great with it, I could wear a regular bra with this unlike the strapless contraption
that I’m wearing right now that feels like a torture device. But with the top I had on at the beginning of the
video I had no choice. But yeah, really, really comfortable. These almost feel like linen overalls, there’s definitely a denimness to them. This is exactly what I was picturing when I was like, “Okay,
let’s do a spring look,” like it’s fresh, it’s floral,
it’s bright, got some flowers, got some denim, got some pink,
I really, really love it. We have one more look to go. This little 90s sweater
moment I’m very excited about. I picked up this, I guess, what is this called, plaid, tartan? I don’t know what this design
is called on the sides. Just this cute little cardigan, I’ve been loving the
cardigan trend recently. If you haven’t been
able to pick up on that in my thrifting videos. It’s a fun color and so
I thought to sort of, I mean it’s sorta monochromatic
’cause it’s blue on blue, but I wanted to keep it
bright and daytimey and fresh. So I decided to pair it
with this Madewell skirt, it’s like a denim plain
old high waisted skirt that I really love. I don’t know, I might
look like a blueberry. We’re gonna see. I have a good vision
like I did for this one, so let’s hope it plays out. Okay, I think I did okay. I don’t know, you guys
have to let me know. I think with the similar tone
blues I wasn’t sure about it, but I’m pretty sure I like it. This entire video has been very confusing. I don’t know if it’s because
everything’s getting to my head ’cause I haven’t left
my house in seven days, so I don’t know if it’s clouding my fashion choices and my judgment. I don’t know. But I like the sweater
as well, I think if I had some cute light wash mom jeans
it would be adorable as well, but I liked this sort of school girl, clueless vibes is what I get from this, and I really wanted to tap
into that with the mini skirt so I think this would be really adorable. If I could find, I’m pretty
sure I still have some socks that were from the 90s,
they weren’t from the 90s, they’re styled like that. They sort of have some frilly edges along the sides of the
socks, I think that would be really cute with some white sneakers. I just love this cardigan trend, I feel like it shoes just
the proper amount of skin that I personally wanna show. It’s like a little bit right here and a little bit right here,
and then leave this alone. I really do like it, I’d
say I probably give it an eight out of 10. I’m falling. If you have any other suggestions for how you would style
this or any of the pieces, feel free to let me know
in the comments below. I’m always open to you guys suggestion, you all are like my stylists. But yeah, I’m feeling a little puzzled at the end of this video, did I thrive, did I succeed, did I completely fail? I guess that’s entirely subjective, but for me, I think I did okay. I would say about 50% of
the looks I really liked. 50% still undecided. Let me know in the comments what you think ’cause I don’t know girl. I did the best I could. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, turn
on my post notifications so you can be notified every
time I post a new video which most of us are at home now, so hopefully you’ve got time to watch. I love you guys so, so much
I’m sending you all the love and healing healthy vibes,
and calmness and anti anxiety, and I will see you guys
in my next video, bye! ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Be with me ♪


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