Australian lifestyle: Curtin Master of Marketing student Heidi

Coming to Perth as I suppose a tourist myself and as a
visitor coming from eastern states, I’ve come to love the different parts of Perth and
particularly the outdoor lifestyle. Something that I find is my own little treasure
that I love is Rottnest Island. So Rottnest is a beautiful place that’s off
the coast of Perth. It’s a beautiful island that offers amazing bays, crystal clear water, lots of little bays that you can access by bike. I found that with the
teaching staff here that they offered something that I really like in that
they have a lot of prior knowledge and also I suppose learning that they’ve had outside
the classroom, outside the university life, that a lot of them have got their own
business on the side or they’ve been in the area of marketing. I really really
enjoyed my Masters in Marketing here. The reason is, is because it’s very practical
learning. I got along really well with all my lecturers, I made so many friends
and also the other thing is, is it’s the extra help that you get outside the classroom as well, like I was able to bond with I suppose not only the lecturing stuff but also just the
support at the business school and even in the school of marketing. I think that
Curtin offers so much especially for the international population and I think
that they make you feel so welcome here.

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