Author: Stephen Hull

CAREERS IN B.SC LIFESTYLE & ACCESSORY DESIGNING–Certification Course,Diploma,Desinger,Salary Package

Hello all this is akansha from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities for B.Sc in Lifestyle and Accessory Designing Accessories were always a part of men’s fashion throughout the ages in our history. The only accessories men carried were the pocket watches,

Road to Bali 1952 HD (dutch/eng subs optional)

The Commonwealth of Austrailia. Land of many frontiers. Lone stepping stone across the vast Pacific, to the mysterious brooding islands of the of the Malasia. Last outpost of the art and culture of the western world. Our story takes us to Melbourne….. Melbourne. The birthplace of Nelly Malmer, the famous soprano…. Austrailia’s gift to the