Author: Stephen Hull

Repaint! Espeon Pokemon Eeveelutions Custom OOAK Monster High Doll

Annyeong! Welcome to Dollightful! It’s psychic, it’s purple, it’s Espeon time! Let’s get to the concepts. The Pokemon itself is elegant, mysterious, intelligent and spiritual. So for the first eight sketches I was drawing inspiration from things like fortune tellers, Shaman priestesses and several cultures from around the world. I’ve always pictured her in long

How to Play Cthulhu Wars

– We’re capturing cultists and summoning Elder Gods. That’s right, it’s Cthulhu Wars from Petersen Games. (upbeat retro music) This asymmetric astral anomaly advocator pits two to four cult leaders against one another in a fight for global dominance in the face of oblivion. The player who accumulates the most Doom Points on the Doom


Hello everyone, I’m Mung.I’m the electrician. Today I want to talk about the human appearance. My father is a master of humanism. Our siblings also learned some of the knowledge that my father passed on to us. Heaven has given each person a different shape. Whether your shape is ugly or beautiful, you must accept.