Author: Stephen Hull

Couture in Orbit fashion show

I really can’t wait to see what everyone thinks on the runway of my make-up and new look. Two years ago I had a meeting with the Science Museum here in London. And ESA together with the Science Museum decided to try a new project to engage a different public and a different student community

I Bought A FAKE James Charles Palette

[JAMES] Hi Sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my Youtube channel. Oh my God you guys! For today’s new video, I am annoyed but also concerned and also slightly excited too because I know this video’s gonna be a little bit shady. I knew this was going to happen but I did not

Fashion Reactor: Stathis Samantas

So we begin….. Stathi, let’s start with that funny story you were telling me the other day about your nickname ”The Greek Manolo”. How did this came up? As I told you, this was a joke that started from my close friends because they know my admiration for Manolo Blanhik, because they love me, they