Author: Stephen Hull

I Tried 4 Different Personalized Style Boxes

[Intro Song] Hello, friends and welcome to another video. This week, we’re gonna be testing out four different customized style boxes and seeing how well each of them recommend outfits to me. Now, I see subscription boxes, particularly “style” subscription boxes, advertised all the time online. And one of their most consistent selling points is


Hi guys, my name is Angelic, and we’re at the Justice Holiday 2017 Fashion Show. One, two, three, Team Justice. So, is it your first time modeling here? Yes. Third. Oh, wow. So, what are you guys going to wear for the fashion show? Mackenzie Ziegler line. Yes. Nice. You’re bold You’re strong You’re shining

The Surge 2 – Preview Accolades Trailer | PS4

You have evolved. Your ingenuity, your intelligence, and your hunger to be better changed you. You became masters of your own fate… …unafraid of disease, storm, and catastrophe. Yet you are still at the edge of extinction. You did not overcome your worst struggles… …inequality… …crime… …pollution… …war. But you are far too advanced to