Barbie Custom Doll Makeover Transformation (#3: Ken)

Hey guys today I’m going to be giving this ken doll a makeover transformation. and i want to thank everyone who requested this. so! I bought this Ken doll a while ago and I planned to re–root him so thats why his hair is already removed. but I never did start the re–root process manly due to fear of not being able to do it . so right know he’s bald and he needs some major help. for this video Ken is specifically going to have a hair makeover. I want him to have coloured hair so I’m giving him this beautiful blue hair. before I start the re root I’m going to paint the scalp the same colour as his new hair. once the paint is dry i can finally start re–rooting him. so i finished re rooting his hair which took 10 years and i don’t know why but his hair decided it wanted to stand up and look like a crazy porcupine. down i putting some fabric tac glue in his head to secure all the hair follicles and once everything is dry I’m putting his head back on to his body . Next I’m thatching his hair and this was actually really complicated and I didn’t get very much footage so I’m sorry. to make the hair stay in place i poured boiling water over it the same way that I did with midge and this is what he looks like. Now I’m going to be cutting his hair the part I’m nervous about since the hair is much longer than I want so I started cutting small sections off. And that’s how you turn ken into Sia! I didn’t really use much reference pictures when doing this I kinda just eyeballed it. And I was trying to slowly and meticulously make little snips because I don’t want him to look like poop this is supposed to be a makeover transformation not a poop transformation. So i just kept making little snips here and there and this was the result. I love how he turn out the colour of his hair is so gorgeous I did not think I would be able to do this and the process was actually very hard i did a lot of it off camera. but I’m really proud and happy i was able to give him some new hair. So I hope you enjoyed watching this process If you have an idea of what I should do for my next custom doll makeover transformation comment down below I love you Guys so much and as always i’ll see you guys in my next video bye!


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