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Hi, I’m Monica, the beauty expert. Hi, I’m Ashley, the coordination maven. And today we’re gonna help one woman avoid a quarter-life crisis. I just moved in with my boyfriend, and I totally took over his space. (laughing) So I’ve been having some problems sharing. What I’m looking for is some
ways of getting organized or learning how to share the space to prevent a future fight. So, I actually wanna
surprise him with this. A surprise? He’s going away. This just got better. So I wanna surprise him and be like, “Look at our shared space.” Yeah! Yeah, aw, he’s gonna love that. Next steps is we’re gonna
get into your place, figure out how we can organize. Let’s do it. I’m ready! [Ashley] Yes, yeah! The closet and bathroom
have gotten a little messy. My stuff currently is just
sort of in a little corner, and yours is sort of everywhere else. Maybe a little bit more
organization wouldn’t hurt. Would be good. Is there any particular
reason you’re asking me this and making me hold this camera? Nope. Hi! Hello! Thanks for having us. Welcome to my house. Yes, we gotta investigate
your bathroom situation. As you can see, everything
is just everywhere. What do you feel when you
see all this stuff out? Does it bother you at all, or
do you just put up with it? Yeah, no, it really bothers me. What I want you to try to do is to streamline your whole routine. I see you have a lot of skin-care stuff. You can consolidate all
of that into one product that I’m gonna give you. [Olivia] Ooh. It’s the Olay Total Effects 7 In One. So, you don’t have to worry about moisturizer, SPF, all that stuff. It’s all in one bottle. A great organizing tip is:
sorting like with like; purging what no longer serves; and then having a home for everything. Focus on your stuff for now, and then if you come across Jacob’s stuff, go ahead and move it to the side. And we want to make
sure he has his section and you have yours. Yay, you got this. So I sorted my makeup, and
I purged the obvious things, and now I’m suppose to purge
the not-so-obvious things. But, I think I’m just gonna
put that off ’til tomorrow. Okay, so I’m about the try the product. And it’s suppose to moisturize
and firm and brighten. Oh, and it has SPF,
which is really important ’cause in LA it’s pretty sunny. Every since I moved from New York, my skin has gone crazy, and my skin products
aren’t working anymore. It’s really soft. This is my stuff that was on the floor. This is all of his clothes
that are on the floor. (sigh) I’ve done enough for today. We watched your vlogs,
and you’ve done so much. Yeah! Yeah, good job! You consolidated your skin-care routine. I haven’t seen you work in that closet and getting rid of some of those clothes. Yeah, but I feel like
my clothes in my closet are representing like
who I was in New York. Organizing that and getting rid of things means I’m closing the door – and that part of my life. And now I’ll just be like who I am in LA, and I don’t know what that means. Yeah, it makes it so official, right? It makes you real; you’re
actually claiming this. Right. And that can be a little scary, but we got you; you got yourself. Yay! (laughing) That works with your people. (upbeat music) I’m so tired. I’ve put it off long enough. It’s time to accept the reality
that I live in a sunny place and that these jackets just gotta go. Jacket number one. I feel like I can wear
it with pants or a dress. It’s giant, and it’s hot. I know in my brain that I wear this a ton. I know that as a person, like this jacket is more true to me. So I feel like I actually
really do know who I am, like here in LA, and what I want. So it feels good, and I feel confident. Okay, how do you think
Olivia did with all of this? It’s not easy, but I bet you that she’s
really pushed herself. Okay, I think it’s time
to just dive in and watch. Let’s see what’s going on [Olivia] Hi! Hi, I’m home! I’m so glad to see you. I’m so glad to see you. I have a surprise. Oh, really? You’re nervous. I’m a little nervous. I don’t
know what to expect here. Whoa, we have floor. He really is surprised. Oh my god, look at the room. This is so nice you
cleaned the entire room. I didn’t just clean the room. (classical music) Oh, hangers! Half of her stuff is gone. She really purged the jacket. Half of it is your clothes,
and half of it is my clothes. And then these are your clothes organized from lightest layer to heaviest layer. Thank you, this is so nice. Aw, he’s so impressed. I’m tired. You don’t look tired; you
look like you’re glowing. Yeah. Glowing. Yeah. (giggles) Do you want to see more? There’s more? What! Oh, my stuff is in the basket. Oh my god, your baskets;
it’s full of baskets. Remember all my skin-care products? Yeah, you had a ton. I just have one bottle.
Monica gave it to me. Who’s Monica? I’m Monica, thank you very much. Is this why you’ve been glowing since I walked through the door? Why I’ve been glowing? Instead of looking really tired. (laughing) Missed you. You did this all when I was gone. Yeah. You’re so cool. Yeah, I am cool. She really did a good job. One more quarter-life crisis averted.

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