Best Friends Style Pajamas As Clothes For A Day

I’ve seen this outfit on other people and their shorts looked bigger I can’t wear these out in public hi I’m jasmine and I’m Lindsay and in this vid we’re gonna wear PJ’s as clothes so we are going to be wearing one day look and one night look will be styling it with our own clothes to see if we can rock it out in public I’ve never worn my PJ’s as clothes oh I’m super excited about this challenge because I wanted to see if we can make it work mm-hmm also it made me think that like PJ’s are just clothes like any other clothes but we’ve just seemed a society that you can only wear it to bed and not that many people in the world can see it yes you wear it to bed it’s like eating eggs for dinner yeah they’re like you shouldn’t do that but it’s still food and it still tastes good okay I’m a little worried for one of my pajama sets because one of them is not very my style they’re very like flowy and blue swirls and that’s like not me but I’m excited to like try it out on the other set is like hot pink like mesh set like that’s gonna be fine I got things that weren’t just the easy route I got things that were actual pj looking yeah except in the right context maybe people won’t question it the thing with PJs that make it different than normal clothes are the texture and like have like the flow in it okay I think this is going to be a thing no I think it is going to be hard I think this is gonna be harder than lingerie is closed yeah all right let’s do this oh I was trying to something cute I like high fives here’s what we’re working with we got these cow print pants which are very pj material I might add cow print is like super in right now so I thought maybe it’ll just look like a look it’s definitely odd and different but I think I can make it into something so I decided to pair that with this top because if we’re going animal I might as well go full out a little crazy for work but you know we’re just gonna try it out so this is my daytime look outfits I’m going to see if I can rock this outfit as a whole outfit I don’t want to just wear the shirt I don’t want to just wear the shorts I’m gonna see if I could rock them together this is the final look Bam Bam Bam they fit so well like I’m obsessed with just how they feel there are a little bit see-through so I had an issue with just like underwear to wear obviously this is a pajama set right I’m hoping that maybe I can tie this up and then this top I wouldn’t normally wear to work just because it kind of rides up a little bit and granted BuzzFeed very lacks clearly misses for a video this is something I would probably wear to a festival honestly these definitely look like pajamas but I’m I’m kind of into it and I’m wondering if people are really gonna notice like what do you think I mean you are always very adventurous with your clothing yeah thing I would have thought anything but it’s like a lot of animal but is there anything else you noticed if it’s all black and white how to clash a moment yeah and I love that you’re bringing in wildlife is there anything weird you notice about that I mean no you always look cute you’re always pushing the boundaries I don’t know what would you say if I told you these were PG pants oh yeah no they’re too soft you know I was like see-through oh they look so comfy but the way you style it I would not even know oh my god yeah no this is great what are you thinking my outfit today it’s kind of like okay I like it be honest you walked in earlier I liked it at the set would you believe that it’s pajamas yeah I try that if it helps if you feel right right on my way to get a breakfast burrito still in the jammies sometimes when you wear something really loud in LA you get a lot of like cat call attention so I’m having Ryan walk with me to get my breakfast muscle today I’m loving it I’m digging it I’m so cozy I will wear these again hey are we having a sleepover at work I feel like I look like a Beverly Hills carpet-bomb to be honest you just look like you’re wearing a summer cohort which this was the one I was most afraid I know right these pants are so good you should wear these in general I think because the first time I wore these it wasn’t in a PJ fashion it feels like regular clothes these are my PJs yeah I guess right you know to this day to this hour no one said anything not a person just cute outfit the yoozh so I’m a little bummed out about my night look in my head I was like okay I’ll wear these mesh shorts and this mesh shirt and I’ll wear like high-waisted swim suit bottoms underneath and it’ll be like a whole vibe but then everything came in and the shirt is obviously see-through this is it I’m wearing a tank top underneath it the shorts are literally underwear I thought they were cut as shorts it looks like I can only wear the top which has created quite a challenge for me I know I can’t be I can’t be wearing these underwear out this is what I’m worried about this I also tried on the pants but they really look like PJ pants but this top is very PG material it’s very wrinkly and I don’t have a steamer so I don’t know how I’m gonna deal with this but for my knight look I thought maybe something silky like this and you can tie it and then I’m just bringing black jeans and also I brought this leather skirt to try on with it all right right I explained to you the drama with my nighttime PJ outfit what do you think about it I think he looks super cute I did not realize that they were pajamas when you pulled the separate from the actual tank top oh yeah do you think of my top I think it’s cute I would not have guessed its pajamas until you told me that oh good I like the back a lot the back of all makes it look like more like PJ’s because it’s Lucy yeah I don’t know either functional the gym no they’re not the everybody Lexi yeah to stay on who wears this Tibet this is just gonna come out that is worse than where you can cough yeah it looks like you’re going out somewhere like a big fancy bar okay on our way to our night out wait make you try to have a nip slip hey we’re good let’s see how do you feel in your talk I feel good I definitely felt better and the other outfit just because it was more comfortable this one is silky and I’m like already like kind of sticking to it sweating okay and then I’m also scared of a nip slip which doesn’t make any sense to sleep in I did try to wear it with the pants that go with it but it’s just completely I mean as soon as you put it on it just looks like yeah it really bit I’m just wearing black jeans with it but I feel good I think it looked really cute yeah like I like the outfit it just doesn’t feel as comfortable as you’d want for something that’s meant to be peachy yeah um I don’t know I just feel blah about this outfit just because I was so excited to wear the full mesh outfit yeah and then finding out that I like it was probably illegal if I did that in public I mean my outfits cute but it’s not because my shirts lingerie just looks like a mesh top just because mesh is so in right now that I don’t think anybody would question and knowing that I’m wearing a mesh top Hey [Music] haha I think what we learn from this challenge is that it’s all just clothes it’s like Christmas songs you know you you can listen to it any time of the year why does it have to be Christmas time yeah like who says why can’t you celebrate a holiday any time I’m pretty sure you don’t like listening to Christmas music that outside of Christ you can wear whatever you want to bed you can wear whatever you want out maybe not see-through mesh with nothing underneath that but I would have [Music]


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