Blackbox Episode 3: Fashion Killer

mom have you seen my dress yes I put it
in the garment bag already you seem busy preparing your makeup thank you but I
wish you told me I looked everywhere for it so every morning here already for
your big debut thank you I hope to churches to like it oh I’m sure they
will all ready to go don’t worry I’m sure you’ll do fine
you really think so I really do I know how hard you worked on this and how much
you want to win I’m surprised that you want to move a brother the local
university has plenty of good courses Oh mom death again you know I’m only trying
to help you moving abroad is quite the task and then get into a new place
without knowing anyone it seems I’m getting a bit ahead of
myself that’s something for a later date don’t be nervous honey I’m sure you’ll
do fine just remember to smart well I’ll try my best
see you later tonight orange shoes the girl who sits at the front in mr.
Jefferson’s art class mr right one of what are you doing here you didn’t know
we’re both here for the same reason to win that scholarship well here we are
good luck any competitions made the best one wins yeah you too contestants your attention please the
contest will begin in half an hour you will be called one by one into the
audition room where you will present your designs to the judge panel you will
have done 10 minutes to show off which you have made and convince them that you
deserve to win your advisors should be here any minute
so make the most out of this visit good luck contestants Emma you to promise well you don’t look
too bad yourself I think you look fabulous
great work look any questions want to ask me anything well there’s one
thing like you know how much needs for me to win this competition so why do you
tell me about one of the competing as well I should have told you I’m sorry
okay III I thought you should both be in this you’ve got great work I just didn’t
when you’re having any distractions it’s going to be great look at this it’s
wonderful well thank you for believing me miss
Jefferson like it means the world to me it really does good luck is going to be
great break a leg how did you happen hello it’s me again
the first contestant is Emma Smith yes Emma please approach the addition
entrance in five minutes thank you you have some leftover materials
exertion I’m really sorry I can give you any – oh fuck could you help me out a
little bit I have to fix up my dress so do you have some extra materials I’m
really sorry but the thing is I might need these for later but your dress is
done isn’t it it is it’s not too shabby if I might say so myself but as I said I
might need these for later on if I must miss now you’re up next you have to
hurry up please looks like you’re up good luck and you are I’m Emma
I must met oh how what have you brought today the dress that I’m wearing simple
but elegant lacing over the shoulders fits very well with the theme of the
dress can you give us a twirl will you show us the back of the dress anytime
now Miss Smith wait please just give me another chance I know I can fix this it’s your lucky day miss miss we’ll give
you two hours to try and fix your dress no more no less you’ll be allowed in
back into the additional room as the last contestant try not to disappoint us
again how dare she all right Vanessa Johnson that’s you yes
Europe next whoa whoa whoa Emma I’m so disappointed
in you what’s wrong with you such conduct is not tolerated here Miss Smith
you’re hereby disqualified good day Oh

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