Hey, I have a suitcase with money today I will show you my rich lifestyle and you write in comment what next city I should visit Hey, sir It doesn’t matter, I earn that much in one day It is not worth taking Do you like sandwiches Recently, I often eat special sandwiches You need bread I can eat sandwiches all the time with lard, becon… Do you prefer hundreds or larger banknotes ? What? -For sandwich When it comes to sandwiches, I like them most with hundreds i take it I put on bread and eat They are delicious! Do you prefer hundreds or larger banknotes? -What? For sandwiches I bought a few decagrams in the store Oh noo… I always take ingredients from an ATM I prefer hundreds I’d love to eat such a sandwich I only have hundreds today Apparently you are what you eat Good to see you I wanna buy this socks 500, 1000? price does not matter. Milion? How much you need? I have a whole suitcase of money You can’t see my socks But I can feel them. I wanna buy them These socks are priceless I can pay so much for them Wait… Let’s see how they are Perfect, I take them! Do you also have something to sell? Guys, are you go to the toilet? -Yes Perfect… wait moment. Take this money… You will use as paper toilet So..Do you have a lot of it? As much as you need Young man, come i show you something Look Look now You are only rich then You shave only once with a disposable razor Its true Hello Do you know any lullaby? I don’t know… I just go to sleep… And I have a habit I sleep only on money Sing a lullaby so that I can fall asleep Ok? What lullaby? – It doesn’t matter It’s okay now Goodnight Hello, i have a quesetion Is it true that the man is attractive with a red fast car? No I have heard that is Do you want to buy a car? -I’ve already bought! Perfect! It’s beautiful! You have gained in my eyes, and with young girls it is already great at all I’m going to a party to pick them up I think all girls will be yours Hey perfect You won the interview job! You will be my secretary Oh, great idea You have everything what i need When we start? Already, do you have any skills? I’m working on the phone right now For me you have to work in a chair I will take the whole suitcase of money – half is enough Half is enough I always take 0.7l so that I do not run out Do you have any skills? As secretary? Generally I can do a little bit Unfortunately, you can’t be a secretary I’m looking for someone who can’t do anything If you lose these skills then you can work It’s best if you couldn’t do anything My secretary just has to look nice Sometimes you will have to do Coffe or tea And from a purse, so that you don’t have too difficult a task It’s ok to you? -Yes There is office, come on! So we go Perfect I was looking for such an employee for… for 5 minutes I need money for a Lamborghini 10zł, 100zł, 1000zł? You can give me 100k? Half milion? I don’t have any cash You can pay by card I don’t use it I can make a transfer, give me the account number Ok it can be, because i need money for lamborghini I need half milion Can you give me a money? I need half milion 10k can be too You are young. Go to the work! For what? People give me money, I won’t tire 10zł, 100zł, 1000zł? If I had a thousand I would change my life And I need a Lamborghini to change my life Without lamborghini it’s not life Do you like this train station? Nice? -Yes Do you want to buy it? Is mine Do you want to buy it station? I can’t afford it, I don’t have a PLN You can pay in dollars I don’t have too… Euro? Do you want to buy it? I am the owner, I can sell it For 100$ Yes or no? It’s useless, it can do something about it You can sell hamburgers or you can do hcdonald There are no volunteers? There is no, I don’t know why I have a contract with me, I can sell it Why so cheap? Is it cheap? Sir, you can buy half the world for $ 100 I can sell it for 100$ You know what… A bit expensive Let me lose…110$ 110$? For 120$ can be? For 120$ not so much but for 80$ maybe… Ok next time You can put your name up here No? This is your last word Are you from school number 8? Yes I have a prize for you I am to give it to you Prize… oh is here Buy something for this money Okay, thank you Congratulations, have a nice day Just don’t spend it on stupid things We’ll buy books -That’s what I’m talking about! You drop something It’s so little money You have lighter? It’s cold today, I have to warm up You have to help yourself I’ll make a bonfire here Do you have more? I will drop everything here They don’t want to smoke I won’t be able to warm up I wanted to help you -Thanks for it Have a nice day Take it, that you wanted to help me Thanks -bye! Write in the comment which scene you liked the most and what do you think about this movie and if you like this , leave your thumbs up See you next time! Bye!


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