Bombay Times Fashion Week 2020

The Bombay Times Fashion Week is being held in Lower Parel at the St Regis hotel. Come lets have a look! Did you see the Fashion Show? Such beautiful women walked the ramp! Women between the ages of 18 to 75 walked the ramp. There were pilots, CA, Gynecologists, engineers, etc. Shaina NC presented her saree collection at the Bombay Times Fashion Week. The aim of this fashion show was to support cancer patients. She is a Yoga teacher since 19 years, she is a writer and a corporate coach! That’s amazing! Is this your first time at a Fashion Week? What is your aim? My aim was to come and have a very different experience. Since it was for a very good cause, to raise funds for cancer, I agreed to share my time doing this. She is a singer and still studying for her CA. She is very young and I saw her in the Fashion Week. She is so beautiful! I want to ask you question? What message would you like to give to the Deaf community? First of all hi! What I want to say is that although you have something less, but you have to understand that you are special. There is nothing you can not do that I can do. If you have the right amount of determination, focus and just perseverance you can do anything and everything you want. All of you can achieve anything and everything that any other Hearing person is doing. I am no different you and I hope you all follow your dreams, study well, and do anything. Because trust me I believe that you can. So, yes! Thank you so much! As you just saw what she said, the Deaf community can do whatever you want! Motivate yourself! She participated in the Fashion Week and achieved so much. So even you all can do! Thank you!

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