hello babes welcome back to my channel I
have partnered with boo for another spring haul video I’m so super excited
as you guys can see I am wearing a neon green right now neon is so hot and
trendy I have a few pieces of neon on this side but then of course I have like
the usual stuff the kind of beige series over here so I’m gonna show you guys
everything if you guys are also not following me on IG it is I stepped you
Macedo I will put it right over here for you guys cuz I’m so excited for this
haul make sure you guys also check my last clothing haul I will leave it down
below in the description so that you guys can watch it I love that hole so
much this one is like a completely different side of me Oh Molly I don’t
think she’s gonna make an appearance in this video Molly really tried to steal
the show within the last video and I’m not gonna let her do that this time you
guys already know how much I love booboo and they are so super affordable for
what you were getting there’s just everything on their website there’s a
lot of items here behind me that I cannot find anywhere here and I have a
hard time finding anywhere else online a lot of you guys asked me about duties
and taxes duties and taxes are actually paid by Balu I’ve never had to worry
about duties and taxes with them which I absolutely love
another thing I want to mention is they’re sizing guys can choose the
country that you guys are shopping from so if you guys are in the US make sure
you guys are on the US website and all the sizing is in u.s. even on the
Canadian site is all US sizing the UK website it’s gonna be you case I think
so today I’m gonna show you guys how you can look super cute in spring or watch
yourself believe me you guys are going to love this pieces so much make sure
you guys grab the items if you really want them because they do sell out very
very quickly happens to me all the time and then I’m like why don’t I buy it I
do have a coupon code don’t forget to use it when you guys are shopping with
them make sure you guys shop all the links down below in my description box
while they’re sale is going on right now before they sell out and let’s get
started these ones I was so in love with them as soon as I saw them on their
website I was like oh my god like I’ve been looking for a shoe this color this
is the thing with boohoo they always have every single thing you’re looking
for it’s perfect like taupe sandy running shoe these are so beautiful
this is what it looks like look at this beautiful color like it’s this not me I
love them so much and they’re so super comfortable the quality is amazing my
running shoe size is typically a seven and I got a US seven and they fit
absolutely perfect it’s just a really nice classic running
these are so trendy right now they’re not too chunky either make sure you guys
grab these I will also leave a couple of similars that they have they have white
ones as well but they have a ton of running shoes so I will definitely list
them for you guys hey these ones over here I don’t really
know what to say guys because I think they kind of speak on their own these
ones aren’t there giuls little slip-on like shoes oh my god these are so
gorgeous this is like a perfect like birthdays
shoe if you guys are going out for a girls night or anything these are so
super comfortable a lot of people think that because of plastic it’s gonna cut
you but I’m telling you guys I wear these all the time like when I’m taking
elfia photos and I actually prefer wearing these more than any other heel
this one I got in a size 6 so for my heels I like to get a size 6 because
that’s where my kind of heel stops like right over here and then my running
shoes I like to go a size up so size 7 just in case you guys are wondering for
reference ultra glam just like ultra being extra it’s just me okay so I’m
gonna talk about this top a little bit just because I’m wearing it I’m wearing
this in a size sm so small medium it is the most like perfect sort of knit
fabric it’s not too thick either it’s nice and thin has a turtleneck over here
as well it’s just in the most perfect like neon green and I also have another
neon green top as you guys can see over here but it’s a little bit more of like
a bluey sort of under tone this one is a crop top it kind of just comes right by
my waist over here but I love this one so much knit sweater in this beautiful
cream sort of color it’s what I have over here in a size that you as small
and this one is more of like an oversized sort of fit as you guys can
see so will give me a little bit of room and it also has this really low kind of
drop neckline which I love but and on the back it’s very plain as well it’s
just this really basic sweater that you can never go wrong with it kind of goes
a little bit more in by the waist area over here which I love because it gives
you that sort of flowy kind of look but this one is just so cute love it so so
much I love how it kind of dips so nice and low and you guys can also do like
off the shoulder just like that oh my goodness I’m so in love with them if I
do pull it down it does come all the way down to here so it won’t be so much of a
crop but you can kind of just balloon it a little bit and make it a little bit
more a loose kind of look this is how I kind
of like to wear it I don’t like to be like perfect and I pull it down you can
also dress up the sweater by pairing it with a pair of black jeans and I’m also
wearing my jeweled up heels these are so comfortable I love them so much
anytime you pair a look with a heel I feel like it’s like instant like dressed
up but like how adorable are these they are so cute look at this like pink neon
dress and I got this one in a US size four of course in pain good they have so
many different neon pieces on their website but I really wanted to show a
dress and I really wanted a picture on my timeline with this sort of color this
is a really like electric pink and I don’t think I’ve taken any picture in
this color this one’s supposed to be fitted it has a little bit of a ribbed
detail has this really nice Charl neck neckline you can either dress this down
for like a shopping day or you guys can dress it up I like girls night I dinner
look your birthday they pair this with a pair of running shoes do you have a
casual outfit if you put it with the jeweled kind of heels I showed you guys
earlier you guys will have a Glen outfit this is how the dress fits on me it is
really fitted on me I just still have a little bit of room this dress is so cute
I feel like a piece of candy right now I cannot wait to pose this look on my IG
page and make sure you guys follow me on there I’m wearing my jeweled heels with
it of course this is how it looks with the runners oh my god it is so cute it
just adds this little like active sort of very casual vibe though this one over
here is so super bright I was kind of wondering how these neon colors would
come out on camera so this one is they’re jumbo red neon polo net kind of
sweater this one I also got any US size for all my tops by the way from boo tops
I like to get in US size 4 and let’s let’s say I see a sweater I wanted to
fit there I would go a size up but generally speaking they’re very true to
size I’m a u.s. 4 on the top here and I’m a US 6 on the bottom the one that
I’m wearing is more of like a yellow green I’m so super excited to try this
one because I’ve only had like the yellow green as this high neckline I
love this high neck it goes really nice and long or compared
to what I’m wearing I’m gonna go on my tippy toes because I’m five foot one you
guys but I’m like a little shrimpy okay you can also tuck this in ins out of
your Dean’s you can tuck this in instead of joggers that’s right
watch as though it comes in other colors as well I will leave a few similars just
in case if any of these pieces sell out because I’m telling you guys I was like
please don’t sell out please don’t sell out you guys look at
this look over here I did like a black and young green look this is so super
cute for springtime I did it with a puffer jacket
I will definitely leave a link down below to this puffer jacket a similar
from boohoo because they have a ton of them you guys so this top I did get any
US size four but I would recommend going up a size because when I tried to put it
on it’s just a little bit more difficult around the neckline it is a stretchy
material but it just has less stretch than the other ones love how it has like
this sort of neckline over here where I can kind of layer it a little bit let me
know what you guys think down below of this look so this is the roll neck raw
edge kind of sweat and jogger and it also comes with the pants I’m gonna show
you guys a little bit separately though super plain very very basic this is a
really cute airport outfit you guys just to pull up in the airport and just be
like with your cute luggage and your little pink sweat on they said I’ve
gotten a size six anytime it’s a set I tend to get into six because I want the
pants to fit nicely unless I want the pants to fit really tightly then I would
go for us for very casual look but still very feminine with the baby pink I don’t
think I’ve ever won baby pink lost have I kind of had this neckline they also
have a very similar one I will in for you guys they do have the exact same set
but with a hoodie it’s just a really nice and simple I’m spring it up and
that you can kind of throw on and these are the joggers it has this really nice
thick waistband and this is how the six looks like on the leg so it’s gonna give
me a little bit of room super playing on the back as well and then on the bottom
it doesn’t have any cuffing and it just kind of goes straight like that it goes
nice and high waist I’ve actually just folded this over once more I find that
because I’m short sometimes I need to fold it over but I think it’s so cute
you guys baby sort of pink set I love it so much this is how much room I have on
my arms love the way the US stick actually fits me who holds me really
nicely on my legs it’s nice and fitted and it gives me a ton of room on the top
which is cute as well and I’m wearing my running shoes I love the way
that it looks the pink and kind of the sandy beige very soft and comfortable
it’s not too thick or anything for spring so this one is there slash net
cropped and knitted kind of set in black this one I got in the US I small it is a
little bit more of like a looser fit anytime you want to be super comfortable
this is like the ultimate lounge sort of set you guys can also use this as like
an airport outfit – which I love so obviously it comes with the pan I – and
what they’re wearing it’s very stretchy – well the pieces that I’ve actually
shown you up until now where I’m very stretched you guys nothing is stiff
except for I would say this jacket I’m going to show you everything else has
stretched to it which I love because it’s just very super comfortable you can
actually take this top and dress it up and wear with a pair of jeans maybe I
want to wear these joggers with this talking and super plain it’s just the
most basic like lounge comfortable set that I feel like everyone kind of needs
in springtime these are the pants that it comes with they do have the
drawstring right at the front and they have two pockets on the side that you
can use I will leave this exact side down below for you guys it comes in
different colors as well and it will also leave some other ones just in case
this one is still doubt this set is so nice and comfortable this is something
that I normally would kind of wear at home but I can also see myself kind of
going somewhere super casual with this it’s very stretchy as you guys can see
it goes like off the shoulders this also comes in different colors so if you guys
want to check it out I want this one like a beige stone that kind of color
now but I felt like you know you can never go wrong with black it gives me so
much room I would say that the top is more oversized and then the pants are a
little bit more faded but I still have a ton of room to on them this piece over
here I was like please don’t be sold out I love like spring jacket and I can
never find the most perfect spring jacket you guys and who has a ton of
them and it was so hard to choose but I went with this one I love it so much you
guys this one is their pocket detail wool look trench and I got this one in a
size 8 for coats I like to go a size 2 2 sizes up I wanted this to be a little
bit more of a bigger fit this color is absolutely gorgeous it comes with this
belt over here and it actually has the silver accent I tend to kind of skip out
on the belt either button it up or like to kind of wrap it a super plane
around the back the feeling of it is so nice and soft
that’s the close up of the fabric by the way no and got this code somewhere else
I would be paying at least a hundred and twenty dollars and boohoo always makes
everything so super affordable make sure you guys check this one out I will leave
a couple of similars it is the most perfect spring coat you guys can also
use this in fall – oh my god I am this is how it looks like once it’s closed
with the belt I’m gonna open it up and show you guys this I think gives me some
room on the arms which is exactly what I need especially because I’m wearing it
with like a knit sweater underneath you never really know what you’re gonna be
wearing so I always like to leave a little bit of room can be casual or it
can be dressed up as well and love love love the color on me it’s just so nice
and pretty I love where it also hits me at the bottom there I’m five foot one if
I don’t have any heels this is what it looks like and that’s where it kind of
hits me I love that when it’s like a little bit breezy outside this is gonna
be the perfect coat that I’m gonna grab to wear with almost everything it’s just
the most perfect spring coat so make sure you guys check this one out again I
will leave a couple of similars for you guys as well can you guys believe I
actually don’t have a pair that’s in this very sandy beige sort of color and
of course boo had them they had a ton of different ones so I didn’t really know
which one to choose and it’s in the color ich Roo I love that color by them
you guys oh my god sometimes I like to get my joggers super super fitted and I
like to do a u.s. four but I decided to do a US six in this and have a little
bit more of a comfy cozy sort of feel so I decided to do that I can always get a
size four if I want to perfect perfect like sand beige e color
has two pockets on the side here it’s just the most basic jogger I’m gonna
leave a few solders down below for you guys if this one is sold out but I would
definitely say to pick this up because I’m going to be using this with a ton of
like tops different sweaters and I just feel like it’s gonna be one of my
staples for springtime I love the way these pants feel they feel so nice and
soft and again they’re not too thick I am wearing my running shoe with it as
well look how cute these look they literally match the exact pant
colors they come up really nice and high over here I love this look so much you
guys are just so nice and comfortable they are stretchy as well so this is how
the us6 kind of fits on me this is just a really cute look to show you guys that
you can wear neon with neutrals as well if I ever feel
bringing out some color so I got this to kind of match this as well this is an
oversized sweater so I got this one in a US size four keep mentioning your front
ofus because if you guys are going away this is definitely a really super cute
Airport outfit with like your white luggage or your black luggage oh my god
so super fab I love it so much and it does have a hoodie on the back it’s just
so super comfortable like who doesn’t want to be in sweats and joggers all day
I actually just layered it with still having the neon top coming through on
the top there I kind of like the layered look how it has like that little peak of
color there but I love the way this sweatshirt looks you guys oh my god it’s
so super comfortable this one is also very stretchy as well again it is
oversized that’s how it kind of fits on my arms so it is big on the arms and
it’s also big over here it matches the joggers absolutely
perfect and again I’m still wearing my running shoes with it can actually make
the neon come through over there as well I wanted to show you guys this cute
little tip that I actually just picked out the boo boo has the exact same one I
just don’t want to ruin my hair that’s why I didn’t want to put it over top but
this will look so super cute with this outfit I love this dress so much I feel
like everything else in this haul has been kind of casual whereas this is
definitely the only dressy piece that I have in here I’m actually gonna undo
this belt so that you guys can see it properly look how beautiful this dress
is it’s so so nice and actually has two slits on the front over here it splits
right on the front so in this one I typically would do a u.s. size four and
the four was actually sold out but I’m glad that I still got it in the u.s. six
there are certain exceptions and certain pieces that you really have to think
about how you want it to kind of look you guys can also wear a bando
underneath this if you don’t want to show as much cleavage but I thought that
this would be such a really cute length birthday dress for me to wear it just
makes your waist look so tiny when you tie it up with the belt it’s really
stretchy you guys the fabric I love this fabric so much it’s very very dressy and
I love how the bind detail is on the front there you guys I fell in love with
this dress as soon as I saw it on their website oh my god this is just this is
very me this is exactly my kind of style my looks and I’m actually really glad
that I got the six because I was going to get the four but I think because the
bottom also needs to be said right especially with the two slits
there on the front I love the two slits over here I think they’re so cute I’m
not really wearing anything underneath here except for a thong because you
can’t wear any shapers or anything because you have this list over there I
love the color I love how it looks with my hair I might kind of recreate this
look for my birthday it’s very comfortable you guys and the fabric is
really stretchy it’s like a matte fabric it’s not shiny or anything but it does
have a stretch to it but it’s just such a classy dress and has enough of sexy
coming through and I’m actually wearing it with a pair of clear heels that I had
from my last boohoo haul if you guys want to check them out I will leave a
link down below they’re kind of the exact same as the jeweled ones that I
showed you in today’s video but these are just completely a plain these are
like my go-to shoe as well and they are in the nude color I’m gonna stop talking
about it because I’m so obsessed any of the edits I showed you in today’s video
if you guys want to grab them make sure you guys do before they sell out they
will be down below in the description box also don’t forget to use my coupon
code so that you guys can save money and don’t forget to check out the other rule
video that I did just in case you want to shop some of those items from that
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