Bose Lifestyle 650 – ADAPTiQ

calibration software will help optimize your
system’s acoustic performance, using onscreen instructions
and voice prompts. You access ADAPTiQ
from the UNIFY menu by pressing the setup button on
the console or remote control. If you have already
completed ADAPTiQ during the initial
out of box setup, you do not need to
perform it again unless something has changed in
the room where your system is located, such as sitting
positions or rearrangement of furniture. First, locate your
ADAPTiQ headset and plug it into the
console headphone connector. Voice prompts will begin and
guide you through the process. The volume up button
acts as the next button, and volume down acts
as the back button. Once the first listening
location is complete, you’ll be asked to move
to four more listening locations in the room. Be sure to stay
still and quiet when the test tones are playing. If you don’t hear test
tones from each speaker, there may be a
connection problem. To address this, go
to the UNIFY menu by pressing the setup
button on the remote. And then select
SPEAKER MANAGEMENT. This will walk you through the
speaker setup process again. After all listening
locations are tested, ADAPTiQ will
automatically optimize the system’s performance
for your specific room. ADAPTiQ settings will
be saved automatically, but can be modified or turned
off from the UNIFY menu. You are now ready to enjoy
your Bose Lifestyle system. For more information, go to

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