Boss Модная осень-зима 2019/2020 в Нью-Йорке / Показ женская одежда, аксессуары

Hello. My name is Natalya. Welcome to my
channel. On the last day of the week
New York Fashion fall-winter 2019/2020 collection
introduced the German brand BOSS Source of inspiration
and the main starting point fashion show has become directly
the city itself is dynamic, modern with many
galleries and creative centers. New York here consider
one of the main mergers art, design and architecture. It became quite symbolic
fashion show in the Chelsea gallery which
is one of the main seats in the Manhattan art scene. Already traditionally on the catwalk
there were a lot of costumes. Today it’s a mixture of classic
silhouettes of luxurious fabrics and interesting modern
solutions in the form of characteristic details. Restrained strict styles
here a little diluted models in sports style. The brand also appeared
new, like cozy cocoons, silhouettes. A kind of continuation
costume themes became fashionable line of woolen dresses. They look not only
elegant and stylish but also very comfortable. A warm knitted clothes
probably even warm in the coldest weather. In the center of fashionable autumn-winter
collections from the boss – coat. Long overcoats and capes
sheepskin, wool or cashmere made in the best traditions
tailoring. Only the highest quality
materials and perfect fit. One of the interesting innovations
brand has become an extension color palette. Dilute traditional
gray, navy blue, beige and white decided by bright shades
pink. But as the main
the tone is yellow-red, the so-called camel
color or camel. I, for example, such an option
really like. And your opinion, I hope
we learn from the comments. I just notice a new collection
it turned out elegant, quite wearable, in general
the brand holds the brand! Every thing you want here
not only consider but also to feel. Clothes seem to radiate
warmth, comfort and feeling stability, or something. Agree, sometimes it’s
it happens so important! Have a nice viewing,
and no matter what the weather outside the window, invariably sunny

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