C 66 Senate Appearances

really welcome I know we’re speeding this through before Christmas but and we
don’t usually like to hesitate in passing something that’s in the general
direction of writing past and justices but how does the government propose to
deal with the exclusions of really significant offenses for which people
have records which should be expunged this issue could not be more important
to the queer community and I hope that you hear not only my words today but
also my voice because if there is anger there it’s because the queer community
is angry at this the bill allows expungement only in cases where the
defendants sexual partner was 16 years of age or older but 16 is the current
age of consent not the age of consent that applied at the time of the offence without addressing the difference in the age of consent at the time of the offence the bill perpetuates the very stigma and discrimination that it is meant to address that remains a significant concern vagrancy is another charge that has also
been used against sex workers and also against gender non-conforming and trans people who were seen by authorities and the police as not wearing the appropriate clothing for their gender during the apology prime minister trudeau mentioned the bathhouse raids and the body house law but we have to date really see no actions to back up
his words the committee should be aware that for Montreal in particular it is the bawdy house laws that were the cause the the charges that were faced by most
men in the past 40 years on the issue of incremental change I just want to
reiterate that in 1982 George Smith from the right to privacy committee right
after the bath raids came to Parliament told everybody here about the bawdy house
law and if you look at my chart after 82 the raids continued if Parliament had acted then we could have prevented a whole bunch of injustice

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