C4D – Cloth simulations tutorial – Lets make some clothes

hey hey guys Aleksey from Ace5 studios
and on this lovely morning I’m gonna be showing you how to do a cloth simulation
in cinema 4d. this has happened to be the most popular thing I’ve ever made this
little animation here which shows how to make a cloth and then simulate it and
yeah this thing blew up on Twitter and Instagram and reddit huge appreciation
never had anything liked this many times really grateful for all you people so
I’m gonna make a tutorial on how to make this cloth honestly I’m not super I
haven’t been super thrilled with cinemas cloth system from what I’ve seen but
then I tried this and I played with it and I watched some people doing stuff in
marvellous and thought well let’s go and see it apply see what we can get in
cinema and actually turned out pretty decent at least for making the clothes
simulating an animation different story so let’s grab our model here that we
have this my new 5J model that I’m working on and let’s start by making a
t-shirt now I find the best way to make a t-shirt is you get a plane and rotate
this guy over put him up scale him down well I’m down a bit so he’s they’re
about the right size like so and now you want to just go to shift V and turn on
filter and.. no, display and select wireframe so we can see what we’re doing
here and change this to maybe like 6×6 that’s about the right length and then
make it editable and go into polygon mode which is here and use the selection
tool to select these guys and we don’t need soft… we don’t need the soft
selection we delete them and then we select
like oops we select these guys and these guys and we delete them too and we have our
little singlet shape yeah that’s pretty much it this is how
we’re building it and next we I prefer to use this way we don’t have to but
this seems to work pretty well for me you go into sculpt and you go brushes
and you go grab and you go symmetry and you turn on there you go and now you
can shape it a bit if you want and it’ll be symmetrical so that’s pretty handy
let’s pull these down a bit drag this out doesn’t have to be particularly
accurate just approximate shape at this point I think that’s gonna work for what
we need pull this down a bit you’re gonna really
want to look at sewing patterns which is something that I have to also look into
more now the thing is, after we’ve done this we will have edges which will be seams,
as you saw in the video here see these ones these ones are gonna get
connected and these edges and the other edges the ones that we that groups the
edges, go away, the edges that are not going to be connected we want to extrude
them so we want to go into our edge mode and select this this this and this and
this this this and this and then this this this just all of these controls
select and drag them and actually just use a move tool and shift double click
and select the bottom edge and these guys now we want to press D and just
extrude, there you go until you get this kind of thing because this will give
cloth I find more stability and at the end it’ll give us a nice loop on the
outside, and we’ll probably want to move these guys let’s get our sculpt tool
again make sure you’re sculpting in your front view
and just move out like so probably one needs to be thin up it’s really way too
thick let’s move this guys up there you go round here and yeah maybe scale it
down a bit there you go okay so once you have this good idea to
select all and make this into a selection so I go to select set
selection and also go to edge mode and these are not the edges we need so just
let’s get out a rectangular section tool and just select these guys and these
guys and these guys and these guys and make this also into a set selection so
now we have those edges so we can just double click and select the stuff we
need now once you have this guy you’re gonna want to go and flip them around so
we’ll first move them up here and then ctrl click and drag here and rotate this
guy’s to the normals line and then you’re gonna want to go selects this two
planes and go right click and connect objects plus delete and then go to edge
mode and we have them selected and go right click and stitching so actually no
we’re gonna do first fix these little points here we don’t want let’s go into
our side of you here let’s move these guys out so they’re not sticking out
like that cuz we want these lines to be pretty straight down I think that’s it
don’t worry too much about it being asymmetrical its close this all gonna go
to hell anyway so edge mode right click and station so and if you just click on
drag you’re gonna get this kind of lose this edge so what you wanna do is you
wanna shift click and drag and then you have a new edge here and then shift
click and drag make sure these edges are selected otherwise we’re understand what
to do and make sure you of course you drag the
corresponding point to the corresponding point because if you drag this point to
the lowland no it still works okay there you go
cinemas nice and smart that way so now we select these guys and we can just
right-click and maybe it’s invert selection and I just need a shortcut
it’s you I there you go you might want to right-click and reverse these normals
so again they’re all together I just rest control a to select everything and
just go back to our selection so it is gonna be our seam selection and here
make sure this thing is not click just click on empty thing and then click on a
plane and go is select and set selection and call the seams now while you’re
working it’s a good idea to make this you know let’s make it you know and call
this old stuff and regularly sort of control drag and store this stuff in
there because you’re going to want to come back to this at some point when
things not going too well just put at the bottom of your hierarchy maybe even
call this lucky shirt because often you’re gonna want to come back and
change something and this is gonna be the way you do it you’re gonna grab one
of these and drag it out so next step is we need to add a simulation cloth
Collider to our body so simulation and cloth Collider and to our plane we’re
gonna go simulation and cloth now if we press play do we get this not caught
what we’re after what we’re looking for is this very
convenient thing where is our cloth Collider why can’t I see a tag aisle because I
did it I guess attached to the game simulation
cloth tag you’re gonna go to address her and you’re gonna want to see see pulleys
press set well you have these polygons selected you’ll see the little crosses
and now press o matic and it’ll kind of come together but see it has this huge
outline which isn’t really what you want what you do want is you want to change
this width to like one and then you want to go back to the beginning here I’m
press dramatic and it’ll squash it better but it’s still huge outlines not
really stretchy as though we need it that’s why you go to expert and here
switch all these to 0.2 0.2 and 0.2 and now when we pressed our somatic C now
it’s much tighter so already good but we have a slight problem in that it’s still
very blocky that’s okay because we want to block it out at the beginning because
they say we get a shape right and now this is the very important part of this
whole tutorial is we have to set initial state because now I’m gonna press play
we have this shirt falling down and this is something that I did not know because
it’s not very well covered I want to change the shape of this guy now so I
want to you know reshape him or I want to subdivide them so what you have to do
is you have to untick enable here on cloth then you can open your brush tool
and get a smear and click somewhere and make your brush the right size by middle
click and dragging I’m plugging the radius in here and now if you deselect
everything you can reshape it so I make it wider at the bottom because then it
comes down in really nice folds that’s what’s so you can reshape it here I
would even do a bit of a smooth so go smooth and change the strength down it’s
like 4 or something and then just there you go
do these kind of things so it’s not intersecting unnecessarily and now to
make this work you have to go to dresser set initial and basic and then turn on
and now it works so again we turn this off we select all the polygons let’s go
to our polygon mode select all the polygons and we want to do subdivide
press the little gear icon next to it and smooth subdivision and press one and
like see if we right now if we press this enable and you press play now I
actually kind of figure it out didn’t completely go books but sometimes it
does like if you turn this off and then you use the brush tool to smear it at a
hundred percent and then you turn this on you will see that it just snaps back
to where it was that’s why you have to smear it and
reshape it to the shape that you want whoops bit of intersection there and
then you want to go to a dresser in its state set and basic turn it on then
press play yeah see this is kind of getting there but it’s right now it’s a
bit too saggy because what we need to use is in forces here no in tag firstly
we want to change the iterations up to like 15 so now it doesn’t stretch as
much and second we want to put the size here down to like 80% on groups 80% and
then when you rest play you see it’s shrinks maybe 80 is too much maybe back
to 95 nope still too much also you see it slides around a lot so what you want
to do is you want to go to your Collider here and put your frictions like 99 and
you bounce to like five so now when you press play slides a bit less they’re
just friction on this thing as well there you go friction maker it’s like 99 still slides that’s better
so no as you see this is where we’re getting and after you’re here you might
as well go and subdivide it again so turn on your cloth and subdivide it
again so right-click and subdivide a little gear make sure it’s set to one
and smooth subdivision and press ok and now when you go here dresser set initial
and you turn it back on and your tags you can now press play see now we’re
getting that thing that we had you know we’re getting a little cloth folds still
not enough so we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna subdivide it again turn it
off select all the polygons right click subdivide go to dresser set initial
basic enable make sure your thing is set to 95 percent and press play there you
go see but now it stretches a lot so now
you want to go get your cloth and you want to drag this up to like maybe 35
and press play there you go now we’re getting these nice Falls going on here
now if you see these blocking thing that’s happening that’s because your
foam tag here set to 40 you can just turn off the angle limit there you go
and now it’s already looking much better and the reasons yeah now you get these
nice like I think these loops are direct result of us having those loop geometry
there without them you wouldn’t be getting these really nice folds here so
and once you hear us in a stage as you like it like this you see that’s kind of
acting all funky there so maybe you want to smooth these guys out
of it let’s get out MC for brush tool smooth and it’s changed like 5% and
scroll it down and then let’s just move this guy out no let’s give it a bit more
by this maybe 100% smooth oh because we got tennis off first there you go
Megan I can see it smoothing now it looks a bit better okay now is your
dresser initial state set basic on and/or let’s press play a game it’s the
kind of twirling up there no no what’s happening do I decide to
now maybe return on self collision expert self collision press play well
that’s cool rendering way slower press it’s a bit better it’s still squeezing a
lot there though yeah just gonna go to tennis off and I got to get my brush
make it bigger and I just could smear this guy out so it’s not so many
polygons they’re close to each other I think it’s just just stretch them out let’s see what we get okay
and again dresser set initial basic tick enable and press play well they’ve got
cloth going on nice look at that look at those nice fall toss sweet and no
intersection so there you go that’s pretty much how you do it now once
you’re happy with it it’s two up these things you gotta keep in mind if you set
initial here let’s also don’t forget to copy and paste this tune into here and
don’t forget to turn off this tag on this one now here if you said initial
right now for example if I go here and I go where the dresser and I go set
initial and I go back to frame one you’ll see one snap back it’ll stay here
but if I press play now it’ll start falling again so you got to be careful
with it if you’re planning to simulate with a
cloth the basically now you can just delete this tag and there you go you
have your cloth you can use a surface de forma to stick it to your character or
anything and you can just go grab the sculpt tools and go nuts
so sculpt tools brushes never here I used I can use a smooth tool and I can
smooth out whatever this thing was here and I can also use the pool tool I can
press W to hide the wireframe and I can control drag to push in some of these
curves or drag them out or add some more you know exaggerate some of these maybe
smooth it out of it and yeah so you can use that to really sculpt the cloth
afterwards also those loops I told you about before very handy is press W on a
wireframe back go to edges oops and here uses a loop selection tool so
the Select and loop selection and just select some of these guys and holding a
shift key you can select this loop and this loop here oops there you go
and the bottom one along the edge and you can either just extrude these guys
or you can go UF and you can click here and then go UI and there you go you have
all of those selected I can just press the D key for extrude and extrude it
just a bit it’s too much I just put this in manually on 0.025 or something and
apply a different material to it just drag material I say now you have this
nice kind of edge going along trim and this is basically this is how you can
make a pretty nice-looking cloth relatively quickly this was 18 minutes
with description you got to mess around a bit like you got you’ll see that this
time I did a pretty much first try but before I kept on making different shape
t-shirts I noticed if you make them taper out
wider at the bottom and they come down he’s nearly nice falls at the bottom and
play with that value for squashing the cloth together
what is it called or the size this is very important I found this really
helped to simulate cloth on the buddy so yeah that’s my approach hope you liked
it honestly thanks again for all the sherry and all the retweeting and the
liking of my stuff it was just great I’m really you know flattered by it if you
like this tutorial come check out my website I have plenty of other tutorials
about all kind of stuff rigging materials characters I also have free
rig characters you can download and do whatever you want with this beefy boney
I got a little rig robot Marvin and if you want to support me I have a whole
bunch of stuff for sale Moises stuff starts at $25
like maybe the big version can be like $80 or $50 but they you know these packs
of 25 bucks each these things 25 bucks the basic 5 – 25 bucks there’s a little
5a sign man that you can animate as well so yeah and if you can’t afford it
that’s fine to just you know like my stuff retweet
it share with friends you know I appreciate all that dullness like I got
so many likes and retweets from this video that I that I’m I don’t think
anything has ever been this popular so huge thanks to you guys and I’ll keep on
making much tutorials for you you


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