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Durham Tech Lifestyle Orange County

The best thing about Durham Tech so far for me would probably be the faculty They’re very helpful and as long as a you show initiative they’re willing to help you two hundred percent. The Orange County Campus has an amazing Certified Nursing Assistant course that they just made accredited so that you can do

House Tour: 2+1 Provence style house

Hi from Thailand! this is our last house tour in Chiang Mai, because next week we’re leaving and today we prepared such a homey and light house, which designed in Provence style. let’s go and see together and we’re in! let’s start! when we just come inside this house, we have this small space, shoe

Fall 2019 Dresses over Trousers

This is all about going there. This season, pair your dresses and skirts back with pants, trousers, jeans, and leggings. It makes your dresses look a little edgier. It makes your pants look a little more feminine. I’ve never seen more dresses and skirts worn over pants than this season on the runway. It’s a