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In life we always expect lots of things to change but certain things never change. Like for example Chennai heat, never changes this government, never changes But certain things do change. That is fashion. Girls used to wear half saree, now they wear crop top and cold shoulders Men used to wear dhothis, now wear torn jeans and torn shirts Fashion is continuously changing Today, me RJ Syed am going to ask Chennai, what it thinks about fashion? Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu What is the Capital for fashion ? What is fashion according to you? Fashion is what you buy, but… style is what you do with it. Fashions fade and style is always there. Oh! wow. Basically old trends are back again. What I’m comfortable in, and…I would know what will look good on me. That is fashion for me. Fashion is a way of portraying how… a person is and their characteristics. So, I think it reflects their personality. Something nice, sober, classy and is stylish. Aha! nice, sober and classy What does the opposite sex have to wear to attract you?! White shirt and a good beard. If people are comfortable they carry themselves well… that is attractive. Rolled sleeves…Rolled sleeves check. Nice shoes…Nice shoes check.. I like the way they make their hair hair check * almost * thats all. Plaid shirts…What? Checkered shirts. Checkered shirt. Basically don’t wear Hawaii chappals and go to posh places. it depends on their body. Not expecting you to be drop dead amazing… But put in some effort to look the best you can and please wash your jeans. Correct? and don’t wear your jeans here but wear wear it little above. Torn jeans is fine showing your underwear is not great. I don’t want to read their brands…Ha Ha! if any boy is seeing this…not cool bro! kindly hold the mic. * Syed upping his game * Do you think you are fashionable? You say, Syed. * Modesty is her middle name * do you think? I wear whatever I’m comfortable in… so, I think I don’t look bad. She is too comfortable. * she does a comfy dance * Yeah! this is fashion. What are latest trends in fashion? Torn jeans, knee patches. Yeah! knee patches like that. Now they have knee patches that hangs from the jeans. Shirts with pores. oh! shirt with holes?! yes. Wearing a printed round neck t-shirt is really in now. Buddha print kurthis… cold shoulder tops, leggings with 3 zips Those are fashionable right now. Where do you get your fashion advice from? My set of friends are very fashionable. boys or girls? Both…That is important. getting fashion advice from girls, is the best. I don’t take fashion advice… but when you watch instagram movies you get inspired by them. Oh! you get inspired by them. Colleagues, friends…I copy them normally. it depends on me, my mind. If I like it , I wear it. If I don’t like it I won’t. * Omg! she can rap * if nothing, my mum! Where do you get your fashion advice from? Myself. I can’t handle this people. What do you think fashion capital means? From my experience it is Mumbai. You see lots of fashion trends starting from there. and then it goes across. Fashion capital? Delhi. Fashion capital is anywhere in Europe to be completely honest. To me, it is Mumbai because What comes there…we follow it a year or so. otherwise you follow your friend who flies to Mumbai. thats all! What do you expect from a fashion capital? Something new and catchy something trending and something exciting. Lot more variety in clothing, better colours more fashionable clothes at a cheaper rate. cheaper and affordable. We always expect something new and innovative so that we will be interested to wear them. something that is not too crazy.. some trends that we can keep up with before we buy some trends become out of fashion…So! Good clothes, I guess. clothes that makes everybody comfortable. and feel good about themselves. Something relevant and practical would be nice You need to tell me what comes to top of your mind. Wedding collection Lehenga…Sherwani. Kurtha Pajama…Saree, Lehenga Branded clothing Expensive, Jeans Modren, High End, Mall shopping Ethnic trends Kurthi, Palazzo, Anarkali Wearing Veshti and Shirt is fun I will give you three words and you need to arrange it in order. Okay! Affordable, popular and accessible. 1) Affordable 2)Popular 3)Accessible 1) Affordable 2)Accessible 3)Trendy Stuff. Super ma! Popular fashion that is affordable, which is easily accessible. India has unity in diversity… similarly our fashion is diverse Our country, our state, our city. Such a diverse fashion needs a capital. What do you think will be the fashion capital of India? comment down below. If you guys love this video, make sure to Like, Share and Comment and Subscribe to Put Chutney.


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