Child begs mom not to spend grocery money on clothes for herself | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Oh Mommy we can’t. Oh, honey. We’ll be fine Look at this boys. That is a bargain I’ve got Many we won’t have enough money to buy this stuff. I’m sorry, ma’am your cards been declined I Have cash but that’s our grocery money What you’re seeing is a battle between a mother with a shopping addiction and our daughter trying desperately to stop mom’s out-of-control spending Do you side with a daughter until mom to stop her senseless shopping or do you shelve your opinion and stay silent? What would you do? They won’t have enough money to buy food. If you buy all this stuff, honey, we’ll be fine. Mommy has to keep up her image We’re at hangars a clothing store in Astoria, New York. Oh Did you like this I do too Mommy, you can’t afford any more clothes She’s spending too much money. Are you even going to wear it? I will wear this man thinks it’s funny For now, but then she’s me sorry to trust this card was declined maybe even at that card. Sorry about that Okay, didn’t you have $20 from your grandma? Can I just borrow that just for a quick repair one-handed should I know we’ll listen We’re gonna go we’re gonna see grandma later. So I have a little bit of cash. I can put against it Yeah, I’ll go with you. Okay, I’m sorry student. Hang on over just seconds Now as laughter turns to sympathy She says she’s spending our grocery money on clothes and then that sympathy becomes generosity Time to tell this generous man its what would you do you felt sorry for definitely. Yes Because I love kids but it’s hard to tell the mother don’t buy clothes and easy to carry kids first before you buy a clothes I mean Can’t afford to be shopping Honey, it’s fine. This next woman. Looks like she’s a little preoccupied, but don’t let those headphones. Fool you Can’t afford it She’s actually listening to Ava’s warning Okay but when little Ava seeks her advice, oh Don’t shopping addicts because my mom is my mother’s – so you’re like me You told the little girl that your mom was, yeah. She’s like sucia, okay, but she wouldn’t spend grocery money or rent No, that’s the first thing I heard I was like rushing money. That’s like damn Why didn’t you confront the mother and tell her something? I felt like it was none of my business and I felt like it’s out of my control and She’s not the only one who feels helpless So far no one seems willing to tell our mom out right to resist saying yes to all those stresses And then we meet sisters sautée and maria mami you’re spending too much. Don’t you want your mommy to look pretty? Here just Maria overhears the conversation But it looks like she’d rather keep shopping than get in the middle that is until Ava asks for help Excuse me. What should I do about any mom? She said dismissive shop Mm-hmm. She’s spending our grocery money They don’t have that much money. We send Suzanne in I’m sorry. What is she saying to you guys? Okay, we can use some of the Christmas money the grandma gave you Let me borrow it and we’ll just go up front and not bother these ladies and with that they share a lesson about priorities I’m trying to date. I’m trying to keeping parents and kids The kids should find comfort. Listen, you’re not in an expensive job, but Sober $20.00 will go a long way Sorry, I’m not you know one side any parent you’re the parent time to tell her it’s what would you do? Hi there? How are you? I’m John quinones. This is what would you do? Tell us what you were thinking? I have three daughters and I want to go shopping for myself, but I never do it. They’re my priority. They come first my parents did everything for us Whatever they could and now you you would go without for your child So the moral of the story what would you tell people if you have kids kids first kids come first in life. That’s it I’m Greek, man


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