Clothes and the Man – Video Book Review – Alan Flusser’s Classic Men’s Style Book

Clothes and the Man – Video Book Review – Alan
Flusser’s Classic Men’s Style Book Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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article in which I’m going to have pictures of Alan Flusser’s great book. Okay, so “Clothes and the Man”, here it is.
If you own “Dressing the Man”, which is his latest — or not his latest, the one he put
out in 2003, it is about the same size. In many ways, this was the book that “Dressing
the Man” was built off of. You may be asking yourself, “Okay, so why would I want to go
back to a book that was published almost 30 years ago and get it now?” especially one
that’s a little bit harder to get and you’re going to be the only one to get it used. My reasons, I’ve got three reasons. I give
this book five out of five stars. I actually like it more than “Dressing the Man” and the
reason being, even after almost 30 years that this book to me is still relevant, is his
illustrations. So for some reason, he didn’t bring this forward in “Dressing the Man”,
but the illustrations of how he shows a man wearing a suit and he shows what the man’s
body type looks like and the way the suit fits over that to me is what makes this book
so amazing. It has allowed me to better understand the different body types and how clothing
fits on them. That alone makes it worth picking it up. The simple illustrations, again, which he
didn’t carry — he also gets more into fabrics and he’s got some great fabric photos. There
are a lot of images. I would say probably maybe 50% of the content was moved over into
“Dressing the Man”, but the other 50%, 40% of that is great. Ten percent of it, well,
it’s become a bit dated, but again, we’re talking about a book here that’s almost 30
years old. The other thing is really, it’s timeless.
Like I said, 90% of the content in this book is still relevant today. That’s great because
when you’re able to pull a book off the shelf and you notice things like this, you’re able
to see the things in clothing which you want to pay attention to and get right because
then you know that when you buy something, you’re going to be making a wise investment
because 30 years from now, that same sports jacket or suit jacket that you spent quite
a bit of money on is still going to be relevant, assuming that you’ll protect it from moths
and all that other stuff. So it’s the illustrations, the timelessness
of the book, and the last thing is going to be the wardrobe discussion. He really gets
into wardrobes in this book and talking about how clothing works together and that’s something
that he didn’t hit on as much in “Dressing the Man”. In “Dressing the Man”, he got into
more details about the clothing and broke it up into sections that way. There’s more
of a wardrobe focus in this book. So what are the things that just aren’t necessarily
great? One of them is that it is 30 years old. Ten percent of the material is — well,
you can clearly see a lot of the pictures, they’re dated. It came out in the 1980s, so
some of the stuff, it almost feels like it was from the 1970s and you definitely get
that feel, but again, a very small complaint. The other one is going to be the custom clothing
focus, so if you’re going to be buying everything off the rack, if you’re not going to be getting
into custom clothing and you’re looking for something more casual, then this is probably
not the book for you. Alan Flusser, by the way, has got the Alan
Flusser Custom Shop, which is, from what I hear talking with friends who have worked
with him on this that it is a great place to go. But if you’re not going to be going
the custom route, then this book becomes a little bit less relevant because the things
he talks about, you really had very little control of unless you’re going to a master
tailor who’s rebuilding your clothing. Okay. This has been Antonio Centeno with Real
Men Real Style. I give this book five out of five stars. I highly recommend you pick
it up on Amazon. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye.


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