It’s really cold outside, so we have to
put on a bunch of clothes. But we also have to make sure that this cloth stays on. so there are different things to do that. You can button your shirt for
instance. You can zip up your jacket like I have a sip on this jacket. You can use velcro like I have on my sleeves here or You can use the snaps they’re cold snaps because they make a sound like a snap when you close them but sometimes you’re just in a hurry and you may do something wrong For instance maybe your button is
undone or you skipped one. This is possible, right? perhaps your shirt is untucked. So I untucked it on purpose today but sometimes you just forget to do it You can also put something backwards or maybe your shirt as inside-out let’s say or perhaps it’s totally new, you just got
it and you are excited to put it on in the morning and you totally forgot that a tag is sticking out Now as to the shoes: your lace may be untied so take the time to dress properly Stay warm and Stay with us!

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